Posted on August 20, 2022 at 4:47 am

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Chitra Vakil Sharma talks about stardom in the industry

Producer Chitra Vakil Sharma says that it’s important the audience as your focal point in your journey as an actor. She says that this is what will help you come closer to becoming a star.


Photo Courtesy by Chitra Vakil Sharma PR Team
Photo Courtesy by Chitra Vakil Sharma PR Team


“Talent is what makes you a good actor, but the audience’s love and support is what makes you a star. The more you touch people’s hearts and make an impact on them through your work, the bigger and brighter star you will become,” she says.

She adds,

“I feel healthy competition is necessary for one’s growth as it brings out the best in themself. Love knows no competition, so the more you are loved the lesser the competition. You just need to leave a mark on the audience and keep performing and coming true to their expectations and you will never have to compete for their love and support.”

Every actor has his own journey, she says, adding,

“Everyone has a certain appeal and audience accordingly. In the past, serials have been a stepping stone for many like Shahrukh, Irrfan Khan to name a few. Today it’s the webseries, short films etc. Everyone’s aspirations and appetite are different and if they are worthy, they’ll surely get there.  Just need to stay focused and work hard. Even someone as supremely talented as Naseeruddin Shah or Paresh Rawal do Theatre regularly. Aspirations differ for different people. An Actor’s job is to put out his best act, if you are good, the stage keeps getting bigger.’

In spite of having personal managers and talent management companies, people are getting work more by references and personal equations. However, a personal equation always helps, says Chitra.

“I think personal contact is always better because people get to see the real you, in life, you will only like to be around people you connect with and work life is no different. When an artist makes an effort to personally be responsible to make the bonds and relations, it builds trust on both sides which will make them be remembered. Being personally involved shows how much the work means to you and also shows respect to them,” she adds.

Ask her what her advice would be for budding actors, and she says,

“Keep a positive approach towards everything in life. The only reason things haven’t worked out for you is that there is something much bigger and better with your name on it.  So always believe in yourself and keep working harder. What is meant for you will definitely find you!”


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