Posted on August 20, 2022 at 4:34 am

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Nasirr Khan: An actor is always underpaid for their talent, whereas a star is always overpaid

Actor Nasirr Khan, who is currently seen in Shubh Laabh, says that there is a difference between an actor and a star. However, the actor adds that one must look at this competition in a positive way and not get bothered by it too much.


Photo Courtesy from Nasirr Khan PR Team
Photo Courtesy from Nasirr Khan PR Team


“An actor is always underpaid for their talent – whereas a star is always overpaid. But every actor envies a star and wants to become that star. Over time, all actors have tried their hand at becoming heroes and have not succeeded. Each has what the other doesn’t,” he says.

He adds,

“It’s always demand and supply. But you have to be in the thick of it, if you need to get the work on a regular basis. If you take competition in a healthy spirit, it can make you a better actor, but if you become cynical it can frustrate you and even destroy you.”

Talking about the advent of OTT, he says that this is the perfect time to work in the industry.

“Projects have always been there, just that now there are more avenues. It is a much better space than 15-20 years ago. Managers or talent agencies never got work for actors. Actors always got work on their steam, these agencies and managers only support the actors in their work and spread the news about the actors. All agencies will sign up only successful actors and not strugglers,” he says.

However, the actor adds that a firm base is very important to survive here.

“Firstly, education is important, school education as well as knowledge of the industry, so one knows where they are and where they belong. Opportunities are always there and especially when a chance comes to a struggling actor, they always opt out of it in want of a better opportunity. When you are looking for work, take up everything that comes your way, you never know what will click and make it,” he says.


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