Posted on June 20, 2022 at 9:56 pm

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Rohit To Release New Song “Bheega Main” Coming June 24th

Rohit To Release New Song “Bheega Main” Coming June 24th

Rohit To Release New Song “Bheega Main” Coming June 24th

Newcomer Rohit to release “Bheega Main” an emotional heartbreak song with a modern

Rohit Vadher is an exciting artist born in India but has been brought up in Leicester, UK
since the age of 2. Releasing his first single Bheega Main produced by Shubh Basu and
composed by Shubh Basu & Prashant Muzumdar. It is an emotional heartbreak song with a
modern sound, which has been a collaborative effort. Lyrics have been penned by Dev
Pandey. The song releases on 24th June.

Rohit has been singing from a young age, singing various Indian styles from Bollywood to
devotional (bhajans) and many more. Over the years he has nurtured his voice by learning
Hindustani Classical music is still ongoing.

Speaking of his debut single, Rohit says:

‘This is based on a true story. I created a cover medley/mashup – called the Lo-Fi Love
Medley (Will She Say Yes?) in January where the video showed a story of me getting ready
to propose to my girlfriend but it was left on a cliffhanger when it showed me receiving a
text saying " we need to talk". I wanted to share the rest of what happened so I thought I would use an original song to describe and show that. It allowed me to share my personal experiences through an original song and also showcase it via the video’.

The music video is by Black Donut.

Rohit traveled to Mumbai after lockdown to work with the artists he had been in touch with
to create this song. It took a few days to get the lyrics penned down to ensure the feelings
were expressed in the best way and then come up with the song and music for it. This song
expresses what it's like to be in love with someone but then also what that separation feels like and when you miss that someone who was once so special to you. 
Rohit has been running a weekly Livestream on Instagram called #ShedSessions where he
brings on different singers and musicians to highlight them and talk about their musical
journey, featuring upcoming singers as well as established playback singers from the Hindi
the music industry in India, aka Bollywood. Over these past few years, Rohit has been known for
doing cover songs in medleys/mashups, but now is the time for Rohit to showcase his talent
with the exciting release of his debut single.

Rohit is readying his next few singles with a fusion mix and collaborating with artists.

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