Posted on May 5, 2022 at 9:42 pm

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Mumbai Boys Bring Bandra Café Hub Of Food And Entertainment

Mumbai Boys Bring Bandra Café Hub Of Food And Entertainment

Mumbai Boys Bring Bandra Café Hub Of Food And Entertainment

Bandra Café… what a great place to eat and entertain at the same time. Truly, an expression of Bandra! Let’s start with yourself first. Tell us about your background.

We are both Bandra Boys, born and raised, we both come from different religious backgrounds, but what connects us is the culture and vibe of Bandra. It’s a very diverse part of Bombay and influenced by the A-listers of Bollywood, and businessmen alike. We have been in the industry for a long time, both in hotels in Bombay and internationally.

What is the inspiration behind the café?
Inspiration of the café is getting the amazing café culture of India to Surrey, with comfort food offerings, a chilled-out space, games, and music. We wanted a place where people can come to have a good time, study, hang out, or work. Inspiration also comes from offering a different cuisine, as Indian food is just known as Butter Chicken and naan, but we serve different cuisine, like Mutton Ghee roast, Malabar paranthas, Pan rolls, and Kanda Poha, which are very popular in India as well. We also do a good Brunch menu, with Eggs Benny, Avocado toast, and Paranthas as well.

Please introduce us to the behind-the-scenes guys…. Chefs of Bandra Café!
Chef and partner are Raunaq Singh, classically trained from India’s premier institute, IHM Bombay, Raunaq went on the work at the Heritage Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay. He has worked internationally as well and has been in Canada for 20 years. He has also opened and run other ventures in the Greater Vancouver area, which have been appreciated critically and are running to date. The idea came to Raunaq as growing up in Bandra Bombay, he was influenced greatly by the Irani cafes which were across the city of Bombay. The menu also reflects the nostalgia of his growing up years.

The other partner is Lionel Crasto, who also is a Bandra Boy like Raunaq. He has been in the Food and Beverage field for a long time. He has run a successful business in the past as well. Lionel has also brought some traditional Bandra dishes, which are quite unique and not available elsewhere. Lionel is also well versed in customer service and marketing, which is also important.

Did you guys have a designer for the restaurant layout? It has gorgeous décor!
Our designer is Gabrielle who has come up with the layout and we chipped our ideas. We wanted a relaxing space with live plants and décor which is easy on the eyes and comfortable. Like the mural on the wall which is hand-painted, and reflects the Bandra Vibe. Our Bandra’s wall of fame, which shows the iconic landmarks, and of course the café rules, which bring in lots of humor.

India’s most common game Carrom board can also be seen in the café. Tell us more about that.
Carrom is the favorite pastime game of India, most play this game to have bonding time together. Whether it’s families or friends, and believe me it can get very competitive. There is a saying in Parsi Gujrati (Carrom ramvanu juice pevanu and majha ni life) that translates to Play carrom, drink juice and enjoy life.

Tell us about some of your favorite dishes on the menu.

Some of our most popular dishes are
Kheema Par Eedu: is ground Lamb meat with, onions tomatoes, and spices. Topped with a sunny side egg and pav bread.
Mum’s Bottle Masala Chicken: it is a blend of spices that come from the East Indian Community in Bandra, where ladies get together and make this secret spice recipe
Vada Pav Sliders and Pav Bhaji: Bombay’s favorite anytime snack or meal, Vada Pav is spiced mashed potato balls in a chickpea flour batter, and then put in slider buns with chutney and served. And Pav Bhaji is mashed vegetables with spices, served with soft buttery pav buns

What are the things you are planning to bring into the café in the near future?

We have been waiting for our liquor license which we should receive very soon, so we will be adding some cocktails and beer and wine to our beverages, as well as frappes and coolers for the upcoming summer season. As for food, we will be adding dishes influenced by our local farmers. With produce and fruits which are bountiful in the early summer months.
We also do a lot of live shows and performances and have done stand-up comedies as well.

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