Posted on May 6, 2022 at 2:43 am

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“Dhaakad – A tribute to my mother”, says Arjun Rampal at the song launch of ‘She’s on Fire’!

It was only recently that Arjun Rampal took the internet by storm as ‘Rudraveer’ the antagonist in ‘Dhaakad’, that follows an international spy who embarks on an action-filled adventure with all guns blazing.

“Dhaakad – A tribute to my mother” says Arjun Rampal at the song launch of ‘She’s on Fire’!
“Dhaakad – A tribute to my mother” says Arjun Rampal at the song launch of ‘She’s on Fire’!


While the film is a woman centric action-thriller headlined by Kangana Ranaut, Arjun stands out as an antagonist who is dangerous, deadly and cool at the same time.


Interestingly, it takes a very confident and comfortable actor to put the story and the protagonist first.


During the song launch of ‘She’s on Fire’ at Ram Mandir, Jaipur, the star spoke of how films like Dhaakad are a tribute to his mother, who single handedly raised him into the man he is today!


Said Arjun,


“It’s always come to me that when I was growing up, I was brought up by a single mom. Everytime a film has come to me that was woman-centric, I’ve always said yes to it, .That’s my way of giving tribute to my mother because I know how much strength she had.”

The actor also praised co-star Kangana Ranaut who he has deep respect and admiration for. He added,


“When Deepak came to me with the script of Dhakaad, he told me it’s a woman-centric film and Kangana is the main character. I love Kangana’s work and I’ve always wanted to work with her in a film though we have worked together before. It’s been magnificent just to watch her because I think physically it was an extremely challenging part for anyone. “


The song, She’s on Fire was launched amidst great fanfare with 25 feet life sized cutouts of Arjun Rampal and Kangana Ranaut.



The entire city was in attendance to catch a glimpse of the Dhaakad stars. Arjun Rampal’s heartwarming words for his mother, was also met with massive applause and appreciation.

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