Posted on February 27, 2022 at 6:07 pm

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The Amyra Store: Festive Accessory Label

Handcrafted luxury bags, accessories, and potlis – a testament to the virtuosity of local artisans from across the country. Amyra means, ‘of or belonging to a princess‘. The Amyra Store is a label that is 4 years into its launch working with numerous clients, understanding their requirements & design flavor, and crafting bespoke designs as per client needs.
Launched in 2014 in Chennai, the brand works with local artisans imbibing Indian textiles and an eagerness to convert them into tastefully designed functional fashion accessories. The designer of The Amyra Store has adopted a signature style of thread work embroidery,  experimenting with unconventional pattern-cutting and assembly techniques. To formulate a unique aesthetic through experimenting with fabric and creating elegant pieces in an avant-garde style.
The Amyra Store

Collection highlights:

  • A selection of soft textures, neutral hues, subtle prints, and embroidery patterns
  • An amalgamation of flowers and birds through hand embroidery exudes romanticism that leaves a lasting impression
  • Rewiring Fashion – While radical, coordinated change failed to materialize, individual brands have begun to shift the way they sell and deliver collections
  • Seasonal Trends – an affirmation of the abstract and playful modularity
  • The promise of ethical and environmentally responsible products is an increasingly important selling point for independent brands that often target a relatively affluent and engaged consumer base.

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