Posted on January 25, 2022 at 2:00 am

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Watch Now – ‘What’s In My Bag’ ft. Rohit Saraf

The young actor took to Instagram to reveal “What’s in his bag” and to share the things that never leave his side.

Rohit Saraf shares ‘What’s In My Bag’ with fans!
Rohit Saraf shares ‘What’s In My Bag’ with fans!

With his boy-next-door charm, Rohit Saraf is a crowd favorite and when it comes to sharing with his fans, Rohit’s Instagram becomes a doorway to his life, favorite people, and things.


In this super candid interview, Rohit shared things that are most essential to him and accidentally spilled the beans about a new product and most likely a new brand association. Among the other things he carried with him was the Fastrack Reflex VOX, the interesting new addition to his bag. In which he revealed for the first time to only his fans on Instagram.

Right before the launch, the Fastrack’s first smartwatch has found its way into Rohit’s bag, heart, and onto his wrist.


Rohit showed all the items in his bags that he swears he can’t go without while stepping out. He carries a power bank and a charger that help him stay on top of work and connected with his fans and friends. With Sanitiser and extra face masks, Rohit ensures that safety in these difficult times is never compromised.


Take tips on never leaving behind skincare essentials like Sunscreen from the owner of the most heartwarming smile. With mischief in his eyes, Rohit shows us a cap he nicked from his friend and which has a secret story behind it. A diary for his thoughts, a handy pair of sunglasses also accompany him and complete his bag.


Instagram will load in the frontend.


He signs off the interview by adding about the new smartwatch,


“This thing is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to wear it in public.”


We can’t wait to see what exciting things come from this new association.

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