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“South Bay Eater” Proves Popular And 3 New Episodes Planned

“South Bay Eater” Proves Popular And 3 New Episodes Planned

“South Bay Eater” Proves Popular, 3 New Episodes Planned For The Future

Los Angeles, CA – Jan. 25, 2022 – Launched in Nov. 2021, “South Bay Eater” has proven so popular that the program’s originators will be releasing three new episodes. Hosted by singer and actor, Sapra, and Sridhar Sambangi, founder of Clorder, Inc., the two friends are introducing audiences to some of the most exotic eateries and interesting places in the Los Angeles area.

“This is not your typical Indian food show,”

said Sapra.

“This is as honest and straight up as it gets. I give my most honest review.”

Episodes are released on the 24th of each month. It’s an opportunity for individuals to relax, learn about diversity and different cultural food awareness. Sambangi is a foodie, Sapra isn’t, which marks the show with an entirely new vibe while presenting viewers with delicious dining options. In the episode that airs on Jan. 24, the “South Bay Eater” duo visits Banana Leaf LA and the Peace Yoga Studio.

Banana Leaf LA features an extensive variety of dishes, with a list of exciting flavors and spices to wake up a boring day. The restaurant has attained a balance between classic and progressive Indian cuisine. A family-friendly establishment, it’s equally popular with young adults seeking an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience. The focus at Banana Leaf LA is regional dishes from South India. Visit them on Instagram.

Also in the Jan. 24 episode, “South Bay Eater” visits Peace Yoga Studio, founded by Cherie Rae Russell. A unique combination of art, music, yoga, and food, the studio is an oasis of peace and calm where people work in – not out – and Russell regularly shares nuggets of life wisdom. The studio’s L.O.V.E. café serves healthy entrees and desserts. People can connect with them on Instagram.

“Cherie’s sense of humor and vibrant energy is magical,” said Sapra. “My favorite place to eat raw vegan food. Her turmeric tonic is out of this world and everything is made with coco, aka coconut. Everything is prepared in front of you.”

The third episode of “South Bay Eater” arrives on Jan. 24, 2022, with three more set to come in the following months. It’s an ideal way to experience food, fun and friendship, and the never-ending diversity of food and culture.

About Sapra

Sapra is a singer, actor, and dancer based in Los Angeles, CA. He’s rapped, danced, and acted in countless videos that have garnered millions of views. His work has taken him around the globe and has been seen by millions of people. An international favorite, he’s appeared in numerous videos, short films, and live extravaganzas. He’s also a songwriter of note. Sapra works in Bollywood and U.S. entertainment venues.

About Sridhar Sambangi

The founder of Clorder, Inc., Sridhar Sambangi has been building SAAS applications for multiple industries for more than 24 years. His focus during the past eight years has been within the hospitality industry, building White Label online ordering solutions that help restaurant owners build their brand and reach customers more effectively. He was recently recognized as a Google Elite Network Contributor with 160 million views.

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