Posted on November 2, 2021 at 11:21 pm

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Masaba Gupta: An Inspiring Woman Of Many Talent

Masaba Gupta is the epitome of inspiration. From leading the fashion world with her designs to making a splash in the acting business, she does it all and how!

Masaba Gupta: An Inspiring Woman Of Many Talent
Masaba Gupta: An Inspiring Woman Of Many Talent

As the designer-actor turns a year old, we can’t help but admire her journey.

At 19, Masaba Gupta entered the fashion universe and turned the game upside down with wild prints, asymmetrical patterns and free-flowing silhouettes. The vibrant colours, edgy fits and chunky patterns are what attracted the world towards her label.

With House Of Masaba, the ace designer blends the modern with traditional with utmost flair. It is her free-spirited designs that speak volumes to the consumers. Apart from being at the top of her game in fashion, she is making noise with her acting mettle.

Masaba Gupta made her acting debut with Masaba Masaba in 2020 and stunned everyone around with her screen presence. Not only did she create an everlasting impression on the audience, but she also became the first Indian designer to have a show based on her life.

She has already wrapped the second season of Masaba Masaba and has already ventured into the lifestyle business this year. Donning multiple hats, Masaba Gupta is also one of the favourite muses of many other designers across the globe and magazines.

Inspiring thousands of girls to accept and love their beauty, Masaba Gupta’s has always been vocal about body positivity ever since the beginning of her career. While we have unrealistic beauty standards in our society, the actor-designer’s strong stand makes an impactful shift in the narrative.

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