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Exclusive: Masaba Gupta talks Masaba Masaba!

Thank you, #MasabaMasaba, for literally and figuratively lighting my screen. The show is entertaining, it is hilarious and most importantly, it is real. The kind of show that pulls and tugs on your heartstrings, while also making you laugh so loudly that your neighbors can hear! I watched the show, then re-watched with my husband, and then re-watched with my mother.

That’s right—finally a show for everyone.

Masaba Gupta nonchalantly oozes confidence and authenticity. Why hasn’t she acted before? The world has truly missed out! She takes the viewers on a deep dive with her through life as she knows it. The life which is clad with dreams, hard work, perseverance, and, most importantly, girl power! The show re-iterates that self-love, and not a guy, is the true hero of life.

Neena Gupta Ji, as usual, is perfection to a tee. She is unapologetically herself and all sorts of goals. My favorite scenes were ones that involved the mother-daughter duo together. The chemistry was captivating, and the emotions raw. I can’t commend them enough for telling a story of their personal life for the world to see, feel, and relate.

The characters weaved through the story so naturally that I had not only finished all episodes by the end of the night, but I was cheering for Masaba like she was my BFF. There has to be a season 2; otherwise, I will genuinely be heartbroken.

While I don’t have a genie to grant us season two just yet, I do have a special interview with THE Masaba Gupta! Woo.

K: Masaba, you wear so many hats — (and all so well ), but I want to know, of the many things you do, what makes your heartbeat the fastest? What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Masaba: Thank you. I’m most proud that I can do so many things — that my mind and body help and aid me in it. I think I identify as an artist. Using creation as a form of expression makes my heart beat the fastest. That can be in any shape or form.

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K: I binged on Masaba Masaba and finished the whole show in one go! (I still can’t get enough of it.. please tell me there will be a season 2). What show did Masaba Gupta last binge on?

Masaba: I binged on Fleabag and Modern Love. Fingers crossed for Season 2 of Masaba Masaba!!

Exclusive: Masaba Gupta talks Masaba Masaba!
Exclusive: Masaba Gupta talks Masaba Masaba!

K: I’ve had the privilege of spending time with Neena Gupta Ji when she came to Houston for “Mera Woh Matlab Nahin Tha.” She is charming, talented, and beyond inspiring. What was it like sharing the show with your mom? How much did your interest in acting come from having a role model like her around?

Masaba: It was amazing to share the show with her. She didn’t mother me on set but was just a simple co-actor. I always wanted to act, but for various reasons, fashion found me first. I’m glad that I can do it now.

Also, Neena Ji acted because she was a good actor. She realized that her form of expression can inspire others, which is why I wanted to act. Of course, the glamour and glitz of it are equally enticing.

K: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? And what is advice that you would like to give to girls who look up to you?

Masaba: The best advice I’ve received…

“Never let your mind come in the way of what you should do. The mind can trick you some times.”


“Understand the difference between fear and actual restrictions.”

The advice I would give is ‘feel the fear, but do it anyway. Your gut is your best friend.’

K: I loved all of your outfits in the show! My personal favorite is the sheer top with balloon sleeves! I really want to know what your go-to outfit is. How do you make every outfit look so glamorous?

Masaba: My outfits are always oversized, breathable, and comfy. I like to accessorize to make sure I up everything with some pearls or chunky gold jewelry.. even sweatshirts. 

K: The reader in me hopes that Masaba Masaba is translated into a book series someday! What is currently on your bookshelf? 

Masaba: 21 lessons for the 21st century!

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K: Now that you are the reigning queen of fashion, and acting! What are the next fields that Masaba Gupta wants to conquer? 

Masaba: Dance!! I better put my days at the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts to good use!

K: Owning your hot mess is no easy feat but thank you for bringing out the importance of acceptance and self-love! What makes you feel most confident?

Masaba: My conscience should be clear, and I should feel good while doing things.

K: Where can your fans shop for your newest collection, and what inspired it?

Masaba: Online on The inspiration is always comfort. Comfort is luxury to me. We should always make simple, impactful pieces that last for decades in a cupboard.

K: I loved seeing ‘little Masaba’ in the show. What would your 10-year-old self be most surprised with if she saw herself today? What advice would you have for her? 

Masaba: She would be surprised to see how far I’ve come…and with a way calmer mind than before. I would tell her – it’s all a scam…life goes on, and you should get up and show up every single day!

For a show that wears its heart on its fashionable sleeves, check out Masaba Masaba on Netflix now!

By: Kanika Monga

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