Posted on November 30, 2021 at 12:32 am

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Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra fans urge netizens to trend ‘Stop Sidelining Karan’; here’s why

Karan Kundrra boasts a massive fan following across the nation. From his impressive showdowns in Television to his flair for hosting reality shows.

Karan Kundrra fans urge netizens to trend 'Stop Sidelining Karan'; here's why
Karan Kundrra fans urge netizens to trend ‘Stop Sidelining Karan’; here’s why

He has been the audience’s favourite since forever. Currently, in Bigg Boss. The actor has been garnering love from all corners for his true self and brilliant game plans.


While the audience enjoys watching Karan Kundrra lead, they are upset with the makers for not telecasting Karan Neeti anymore in the episode.


Just recently, fans trended Aawam Ki Shaan Karan after the biased survey rating. And now have come up with a detailed explanation of what is going wrong in the house.

For unversed, the house is divided between VIPs and non-VIPS. Employing Karan Kundrra’s plan from the episodes of Jungle Wasi and Ghar Wasi, Tejaswi Prakash and Nishant Bhatt stole the food items of VIPs to instigate them.

While the original idea was of the actor, fans are upset about its projection as Tejaswi & Nishant’s game plan. Netizens were quick enough to call out other contestants and the makers for letting Karan Kundrra speak his mind.


Following the ‘Aawam Ki Shaan Karan’ trend, the audience is urging everyone to tweet ‘Stop Sidelining Karan’ to grab attention against the bias.

Meanwhile, they are also demanding viewers to ask questions at Weekend Ka Vaar on the same lines.

Karan Kundrra is indeed the most popular contestant in the Bigg Boss 15 – hands down!

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