Posted on October 18, 2021 at 8:17 am

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Himesh Reshammiya launches Pawandeep Rajan’s first solo track ‘Tu’

After launching Pawandeep and Arunita Kanjilal together in the hit tracks ‘Tere Bagairr Teri Umeed’ and ‘O Saiyyoni’.


Himesh Reshammiya launches Pawandeep Rajan's first solo track titled 'Tu'
Himesh Reshammiya launches Pawandeep Rajan’s first solo track titled ‘Tu’


After giving Arunita her latest super hit solo track ‘Piya Ji Ke Sangg’ which has lately been trending at no. 3 on YouTube and garnered 14 million views in only 3 days. 


Himesh gives Pawandeep Rajan his first solo song titled ‘Tu’ from the blockbuster hit album Moods with melodies.


The official video of Tu features Avni and Tushar Chhibber. The one who have brilliantly performed in the romantic video directed by Sidhaant Sachdev.


The video is about a bride who is all set to get married and focuses on the fact. It has some love stories are blessed.


Himesh said that,


“I’m very excited to launch Pawandeep as promised and he has delivered 3 super hit songs already which were duets with Arunita but this song ‘Tu’ is his first solo track and this song. I’m sure will also become as huge as Tere Bagairr. Terii Umeed and O Saiyyoni like his previous duets with me which have already garnered more than 100 million views and 30 million audio streams. Arunita’s latest solo track is also huge and has garnered 14 million views in only 3 days and is trending at num 3 on YouTube. Soon, I will also be launching the 3 track of my blockbuster hit album surroor 2021. It has garnered more than 225 million views amd 75 million audio streams.


In its first two songs, Happy that the audience has accepted my music label which has already delivered 17 super hit songs and I’m hoping that this song which is pwandeeos first solo and my 18 th track is as big as the previous 17 tracks , I have been launching a lot of new talent lately who are not only singers but also very fine actors , Both the surroor girls Uditi singh and Shivangi Verma have made a mark in the surroor 2921 videos , also Ishita Chauhan Parth Sonakshi singh Navneet Mallik tiger pop have done some beautiful work in my latest videos on my music label and Avni and Tushar Chhibber are also very fine actors who have performed very well in the video of Tu”



Tu launched today on Himesh Reshammiya Melodies YouTube channel.

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