Posted on September 20, 2021 at 7:30 am

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Himesh Reshammiya launches ‘Agarr Tumm Naa Hote’ ft. Nihaal Tauro

Himesh Reshammiya has been on a roll of releasing superhit and soulful music ever since he stepped into the entertainment industry.

Himesh Reshammiya launches 'Agarr Tumm Naa Hote' ft. Nihaal Tauro
Himesh Reshammiya launches ‘Agarr Tumm Naa Hote’ ft. Nihaal Tauro


Recently, he launched his own music label, Himesh Reshammiya Melodies. It has been hitting the chartbusters list ever since.


The bonafide rockstar has just dropped the 11th track from the label, Agarr Tum Na Hote. And has won the hearts of music lovers, yet again.


The beautiful track features Nihaal and is released as a part of the album, Himesh Ke Dil Se. The superhit song machine’s previous songs have already hit the mark in the top songs lists across the globe with Tere Pyaar Mein hitting 107 million views. And 10 million audio streams in 20 days of its release. Surroor 2021 title track getting 72 million views and 45 million audio streams. O Sajnaa gaining 14 million views and 2 million audio streams.


And Pyaar Tumse garnering 23 million views & 2 million audio streams. That’s not all, Tere Bagairr has collected 38 million views and 8 million audio streams. Where as Sanseinn has got a whopping 59 million views and 10 million audio streams. It’s only but natural that his latest song, Agarr Tum Na Hote. It  will hit the right notes and garner rave reviews.


Speaking on the same, Himesh quips,


“I cant thank God and the audience enough for the 10 superhit songs that I have been blessed with, back to back! My label has now touched 400 million views in 2 months and these 10 songs with the Surroor album itself. It have garnered 200 million views and 60 million audio streams! Agarr Tum Na Hote launches Nihaal and this 11th track is going to be amazing.


Nihaal was an underdog with hidden surprises and talent in Indian Idol. I have already collaborated with Nihaal for another track besides Agarr Tumm Naa Hote. He has super potential and I am vert sure Agarr Tumm Naa Hote will get a lot of appreciation from every music lover”


10 back to back hits and a penchant for music like no other, Himesh Reshammiya’s Agarr Tum Na Hote released today. It is surely playing on loop on our playlists! Can’t wait to hear more soulful music from our favourite superhit machine!

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