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Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases Abandon Me ft. Anime Yxngoat

Armand Joubert ft. Anime Yxngoat

Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases Abandon Me ft. Anime Yxngoat

Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases Abandon Me ft. Anime Yxngoat. Singer/Songwriter and pop sensation Armand Joubert once again gives birth to an era no one saw coming. An era as he explains “manifesting the alter ego.” AJ is ready to entertain his fans this Halloween with new original music and visuals that will leave you spooked, scared and shooketh.

By starting off this era, the pop sensation teams up with the incredibly talented hip hop prodigy and visual phenomenon “Anime Yxngoat”, no stranger to AJ’s fans. These two have collaborated before on some of Armand’s most prestigious records.

From his first album You’re Too Theatrical, him and Anime joined forces for the first time on a track called S.I.G. Of course the fan favourite. Which was DRIP, from AJ’s sophomore album Flamboyant. Released in 2020. Once again these two have come together for another banger and music video but, in their own words; bigger and better.

‘Abandon Me is a pop banger filled with a strong commercial hook but yet has a very dark psychological undertone to it.’

It makes you want to lose yourself on the dance floor but also stirs something within side of you that makes you question what the lyrics are. Although AJ and Anime has become one within the song, they both have their own set of views and are telling their story of abandonment quite differently.

Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases Abandon Me ft. Anime Yxngoat

Armand shared his experience working on the song,

“This song is basically me taking back my power. After I’ve experienced people taking advantage of me when I was at the lowest point of my life. Dealing with serious mental health issues. I was in a situation where I was vulnerable but still people made me out to be the crazy one, after they manipulated me to get what they wanted from me, and then left me alone to deal with the aftermath. Writing is healing to me. I had to release the feeling of being looked at as crazy when I just needed help”. 

Anime’s verse was inspired by the rejection and abandonment one has to deal with being an upcoming rapper in the music industry. Sometimes the people you look up to can be threatened by your talent and then they react a certain way towards you, making you feel unappreciated, overlooked and underestimated.

Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases Abandon Me ft. Anime Yxngoat

AJ and Anime brings Dark Love To The Screen

AJ and Anime really did not come to play as they are putting out a music video for Abandon Me. The concept of the video goes hand in hand with the song. Showcasing the power of ill mental health issues. The power it can have over someone, also how empowering it can be rising above it.

In the music video AJ keeps running from something. It seems like his running from his past, vulnerable and alone, looking for help. As he comes across a mansion, he runs to the door. Him and Anime has an altercation, forcing Armand to become the rapper’s puppet while he is running his asylum empire.

Abandon Me ft Anime Yxngoat is the first single from Armand Joubert’s upcoming Halloween EP “Impolite Popstar”. It is set to release on the 29th of October. Available for Pre-Order from the 18th of October.

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