Posted on August 27, 2021 at 2:50 am

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Armand Joubert Officially Drops The Rock Version of Better For Me

Armand Joubert ft. Sloani – Better For Me (Rock Version)

Armand Joubert Officially Drops The Rock Version of Better For Me

Armand Joubert Drops Official Rock Version of Better For Me . Armand  is always up to something and has plenty of exciting things up his sleeve. This time around the pop star decided to surprise his fans and give them a rock version of his chart-topping song Better for Me.

Better for Me became AJ’s 6th number 1 radio hit after earning the number 1 spot on the Jacaranda SA Top 20 on the 8th of August 2021, several weeks ago. He is well known for his pop bangers, extreme sense of style and that incredible 5 octave range Karen Zoid raved so much about after seeing him perform the first time on The Voice SA season 2. AJ is doing things within in the SA music scene that no other is courageous enough to do.

With this rock version of Better for Me, Armand is giving us everything and so much more. We never thought we needed a rock track from him until now. It is no surprise why he gets compared to Adam Lambert all the time because this boy surely has the same set of pipes.

When asked why he decided to record a rock version of the song, AJ confidently responded;

I want to make people who would never like Armand Joubert, LOVE Armand Joubert! People have always underestimated and overlooked my talent, so I decided to give them something to talk about.

I grew up with rock music and when my producer and friend “Sloani” originally came up with the idea, I actually started laughing and said; let’s show them how to sing rock music for reals. We had so much fun and he is an incredible talent.

This project happened because he dared me enough to do it. So hey, here we are. Thanks Sloani.

Sloani has also produced for artists like; Connell Cruise, Hanco, Zinah and so much more..

Better for Me (Rock Version) ft. Sloani is available on all streaming platforms. Stream it now!

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