Posted on September 15, 2020 at 12:24 pm

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Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases New Single and Upcoming Album

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Armand Joubert Exclusive Release

Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases New Single and Upcoming Album

Armand Joubert Releases New Single and Upcoming Album. The Voice SA, 5 octave range, pop sensation “Armand Joubert” aka AJ is back and this time he proves once again why he’s an artist in his own right, with his latest single Free Me from his highly anticipated album Flamboyant.

Early 2020 Armand blew us away after teaming up with Nic Billington releasing their smash hit Wish You Well, which earned them the #1 Spot on the South African Jacaranda FM Charts.

Even though there was much more to come from AJ, the global pandemic Covid – 19 happened unexpectedly. It caught us all off guard. No one could have prepared for what was about to happen and in AJ’s case. Just like thousands of other artists around the world, lockdown was an extremely difficult time.

Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases New Single and Upcoming Album

Even though it has been a very challenging season for AJ financially after all shows and events have been cancelled. He kept going and started working on his 2nd studio album Flamboyant.

“We are all facing some difficult times and I just want to make music that makes people want to get up and dance. Music is powerful, it meets you right wherever you are in your life and it heals, Armand said with a smile on his face”

I decided to make a record that embraces Queer people and those who are different. There is beauty in accepting who you are, with all your strengths and flaws.

Exclusive: Armand Joubert Releases New Single and Upcoming Album

Armand chose Free Me as his first single:

“In a world full of prejudice, art is the platform and a vessel where artists are allowed to speak up, similarly having the freedom to express themselves and fight for equality. Free Me is a song to express how the LGBTQ community are wanting to be treated like every person who walks this planet.

Not be judged for who they are, just having a good time and looking fabulous while doing it. With a beat and a bass line that automatically gets you in the mood for a party,”

Above all, Armand’s voice touches the soul with lyrical content that could become an anthem. Free Me is dedicated to the queer community. Every single person who listens to this song will be able to relate with it. In life, we all want to be free from something. Especially after everything we all have been through in 2020.

With much excitement, AJ is also proud to announce that he signed his first international deal with David Gresham Records. Armand’s new album “Flamboyant” will be released WORLDWIDE on October 2nd.

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