Posted on August 19, 2021 at 1:08 am

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Kadam Verma’s New Single “Aaja Mere Kol” Featuring Panjabi Hit Squad

Kadam Verma’s New Single “Aaja Mere Kol” Featuring Panjabi Hit Squad

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Kadam Verma’s New Single “Aaja Mere Kol” Featuring Panjabi Hit Squad

Musical Barber presents Kadam Verma’s brand new single “Aaja Mere Kol” featuring “Panjabi Hit Squad”. The song is written and composed by Kadam Verma and music produced by Panjabi Hit Squad. Aaja Mere Kol featuring Kadam Verma and production by Panjabi Hit Squad is OUT NOW. The song fuses Latin pop & Panjabi music together seamlessly to create this summer’s smash.

Kadam, who emerged as a breakout artist in 2015 has accumulated over 10 million views over YouTube with his hits Billo Ni, Akhiyan, and Shakira.

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Kadam says of his new collaboration “This hybrid of Panjabi and Latin music is the new sound and something that I’ve always liked to do — to innovate, to suggest new things to my audience and always to follow my own path”.

The producers, Panjabi Hit Squad add “Aaja Mere Kol is commercial and has a sound that is globally taking over. Kadam has proven that he’s a talented singer and this song is only the beginning”.

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About Kadam Verma

The squad teams up with Musical Barber and Black Tears Rum (originating from Cuba where the song’s influence comes from) to present the video featuring both performing artists and lead Latin dancer Dianita de la Cruz.

All of these elements — the lyrics, the chords, the performances, and the production — combined to make “Aaja Mere Kol” a runaway hit on a global scale.

Award winning singer/songwriter Kadam Verma has rocketed to fame over the past three years thanks to a relentless work ethic and an undeniable talent.

After turning heads in 2017 with his breakout single ‘Billo Ni’, the song confirmed his status as an artist ready to blow.

Drawing influence from the Panjabi, Hindi, and R’n’B music scenes, he has developed his unique sound by merging them into his music. With his trademark raw, heartfelt delivery and angelic falsetto, Kadam is one of music’s most versatile, vocally honest artists around today.

Frequently collaborating with Preet Hundal, Bajaj Music, and DJ Harpz to name a few, his songs Sakira, Dil Na Dukha, and Akhiyan have accumulated over 10 million streams across all digital platforms.

When not in the studio, Kadam is most comfortable on stage. Touring America, Europe, India, and Singapore he brings an energized performance and impressive vocals leaving audiences stunned.

Continuous collaborations have kept this world-class artist in the spotlight, as he tours internationally and contributes to south Asian music’s global explosion in popularity.

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