Posted on August 18, 2021 at 11:01 pm

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Satisfy Your Travel Needs By Planning A Road Trip In Asia

Asia is a popular tourist destination because of its diverse culture, unique delicacies, scenic natural landscapes, and its spirituality and traditions. China, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia were known to be the most visited countries in Asia according to the UN’s 2018 global tourism figures. However, with the arrival of the pandemic, travelling and tourism have taken a hit due to social distancing protocol.

But a study conducted by Blackbox Research has noted that Asian travellers have remained optimistic about their travelling plans by looking at contactless travel. 76% had responded that they would prefer travel destinations that would offer more contactless experiences, with 66% showing a preference for travelling in their own vehicles for road trips as a way to minimize contact. Road trips or self-drive tours have become a rising trend for many as an alternative method to travel during the ongoing pandemic. If you’re hoping to fulfill your need to travel this year, then consider these tips to prepare for your adventure.

Preparing your vehicle

Owning the right vehicle can give you a more comfortable and convenient experience on the road. For instance, you can bring more items or companions on your trip depending on the size of your car, and it’s important to choose the right type of car that’s equipped to handle long distance travelling. Vehicles like small crossover SUVs or minivans are recommended for those who’d prefer more interior space. If you’re planning to go on a trip by yourself or as a couple, then it’s recommended to take a compact car with a sporty look and feel, such as a two row coupe car. Two-door or five-passenger coupes are also available for those who would like more room and space. It’s important to also inspect your vehicle, such as its tires and fuel to see if everything’s functioning well for the journey. If you think your own vehicle isn’t suitable for a road trip, consider renting a car instead.

Planning your route

Consider the type of route you will be taking to your destination. You can look up maps on the internet to see the stops you’d like to make along the way, especially for the hotels you’d like to stay in. When driving, people like to take the scenic route so they can appreciate the view as they drive along. Apps like Google Maps and Waze can be helpful in planning the route to your trip and help you navigate during your drive. You don’t have to limit yourself to just the routes you’ve marked either, as there are other locations locals can recommend to you or you can discover new attractions along the way. Be sure to keep a realistic and manageable driving route and check on the number of Covid-19 related cases on the places you want to visit.

Pack some food

It’s inevitable that you will get hungry during the long drive, so if you can’t find a restaurant or convenience store, then it helps to bring snacks to curb your hunger. Chips, protein bars, candy, crackers or biscuits are just some of the popular choices to bring as snacks for a road trip. You can also make sandwiches for the trip, or if you prefer healthier options, you can bring nuts, fruits, fresh vegetables or hard boiled eggs. It’s also beneficial to have a cooler with you on the road if you plan to bring fresh snacks or keep your water and juices cold.

Though international travel has become limited during these times, people continue to find different approaches to fulfill their urge to travel. Road trips allow people take in sights with reduced contact, as well as the opportunity to appreciate local destinations. With proper planning and by following the usual safety guidelines, you can have an enjoyable and safer travel experience.
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