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“The whistle notes in the beginning of the ‘Wolf’ started of as a joke”, says Nikitaa

Nikitaa is the next big thing to watch for, the LA-based singer is creating magic with her pop music. After working on great music and giving us big hits, the stunning singer is all set for her next release ‘Wolf’. In an exclusive conversation with UrbanAsian, Nikitaa spilled the beans on her track ‘Wolf’, Indian remakes, new projects, and more.

"The whistle notes in the beginning of the 'Wolf' started of as a joke", says Nikitaa
“The whistle notes in the beginning of the ‘Wolf’ started of as a joke”, says Nikitaa

You have always come up with unique and original tracks either it’s Goddess, Clutch, or Vichoda Yaar Da. This time it’s ‘Wolf’, how did the idea of this track come out?

Mukund and I started putting Wolf together one day just for fun, actually. It started with a beat he was building from scratch… by the time he had fleshed out the drums and strings I felt like the song needed to be about something primal, something ferocious. I usually love to close my eyes and visualize the theme of the song when I’m stuck. When I closed my eyes and listened to it – I could literally see a wolf running through the woods. So then I thought – what if I wrote about the Wolf that came before all the fairytales that tried to tell us he was a bad guy? What if instead I wrote about the Wolf of old folktales that helped people – in some cultures specifically women – overcome the darker and scarier parts of their lives? And that’s how Wolf came to be!

Can you share any interesting incidents that happened while making this track?

Yes! The whistle notes in the beginning of the song started of as a joke (that Mukund shot down at the time as a legitimate idea, he thought it was so dramatic haha). But by the time I recorded final vocals, the whistle notes HAD to be in there… it was my take on a Wolf’s howl!
Who is your inspiration when it comes to singing?
I stopped thinking of other singers as direct inspiration a few years ago when I was in music school and I realized that it got in the way of me personally discovering my own sound vocally. But I spent my teen years singing Beyonce and Whitney Houston every single evening after school. They have such fierce and unapologetic voices and I always loved that; it felt like vocal acrobatics and I love a good challenge. I also love the way both Jon Bellion and Frank Ocean produce music. They were the ones that got me excited as a producer myself, with how unique yet listener-friendly their styles are!
What is your take on the remake that is been made these days? What do you prefer to choose remake or originals?
I will always love originals more because I am absolutely in love with the process of creating something from scratch,  but I appreciate covers that respect the original while bringing a unique flavor. As someone whose done a few covers myself, I feel like they’re a great way to take music you appreciate and access your creativity and personal style and think “if this was MY song, how would I have approached it?” Its a great learning opportunity and it’s also a lot of fun ! Half of the magic of a song lies in its delivery. Covers are a fun way to explore that further.

After collaborating with Ash King and Nikhil D’souza. Who is next on your list?

I have my eye on some brilliant black and brown female independent artists who are shining right now! I can’t wait to share more with you guys soon!

After this what are you planning next?

All I’m gonna say is there’s more where Wolf came from. And listeners can definitely expect a LOT of music this year from me! A lot of which I’ve not only written and sung but also produced all on my own. I’m really excited to share it all.

If you get to choose between Independent singles or Bollywood songs what would you choose and why?

Independent music has always been my first love and still is… Bollywood music can be so wonderful and I have a deep connection to some of it, but there’s a freedom about independent music (since it’s written without keeping a script or scene in mind) that I as a songwriter personally adore.*

A message you will like to give your fans on staying safe and positive during these trying times.

Although I hope all my fans are safe, I think it’s unfair to ask everyone to stay positive right now… Look at all that’s going on across the world right now! It’s a lot for each and every one of us. I want to let my fans know that however they feel is perfectly okay. You have a right to your full range of feelings, there is so much strength in allowing everything you feel to be what it is. Joy can inevitably come from this acceptance!

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