Posted on May 4, 2021 at 1:16 am

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Siddhant Bansal Releases New Song ‘Main kya kahun’

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Siddhant Bansal Releases New Song ‘Main kya kahun’

Siddhant Bansal Releases New Song ‘Main kya kahun’

Main Kya Kahun is neither my story nor your story but it’s relatable to everyone who has sacrificed love or experienced unrequited love.
The pandemic gave me time to retrospect and finish two songs, this is one of them. Everything just fell in place! Along with the completion of the song – I happened to connect with Sid Paul again. We connected through a mutual friend two years ago. Since then he has been on my contact list and we collaborated for the first time for this song! Honestly, his touch just added more beauty to it.

It took me 1 year 5 months, to be precise, to get an ending to the song. Just like in love stories, I too was waiting for something magical to help me finish the song (like how one awaits closure!). If it doesn’t come to you then you go to it! Everything happens for a reason, it’s for your own good and will continue to be – “Hona tha jo, hua hai wahi..”

No matter how hard one tries, some love stories are meant to be short-lived.

A toxic relationship destroys one from within because one hangs on to the fantasy and hope that it will work out eventually. This song is about all the things one wants to say but cannot express in words or never gets the chance to do so. You just need to find closure by yourself and move on by overcoming your fear of loving again.

You always know that something is not right but still fail to accept and continue to live in denial or hope for some miracle to happen.

All in all, never fear falling in love again just because of one failed love! Many souls are waiting to match with yours! So head out and fall in love again. Maybe your future lover might be in the same state as yours or listening to this song from some corner of the world! The world is small and we only have one life to live. Go explore and trust me nothing other than surprises await you!

Siddhant Bansal’s ‘Main kya kahun’ now available on all platforms.

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