Posted on May 3, 2021 at 9:58 pm

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Pallavi Ishpuniyani Give Pop Spin To Folk Song Sehreyan Wala

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Pallavi Ishpuniyani Give Pop Spin To Folk Song Sehreyan Wala

Pallavi Ishpuniyani Give Pop Spin To Folk Song Sehreyan Wala

Pallavi Ishpuniyani is a Mumbai-based singer-songwriter, trained in Indian Classical Music. Having lived in different parts of India, she can speak various languages, which adds to her musical skill set as well. She enjoys experimenting with music and singing in different languages and genres.

Being a Punjaban, she loves to jam on Punjabi folk music and the result is her rendition of Sehreyan Wala. Pallavi Ishpuniyani and Avijeet Satapathy have united to give a pop twist to the song. Performed by Pallavi, the video of the rendition comes with a colorful pop vibe. It showcases the traditional wedding house of Punjab where the performance of Sehreyan Wala happens in their spacious courtyard.

Talking about the song Pallavi says: Aaya Laadiye Ni Tera Sehreyan Wala is a very popular Punjabi folk wedding song. They’ve tried to add in their own flavor and modern spin to the song at the same time staying true to the beauty of the original song. It was an incredibly fun experience putting a dance number together and reintroducing a classic to the youngsters with a modern twist.

Pallavi has recently embarked on her journey as a songwriter. She released her debut independent single ‘Night Out’ in February 2021. which was also inspired by the popular folk melody ‘Sanu Neher Wale Pul Te Bulake’ originally by Noor Jehan. The track was a modern and peppy dance number that figuratively calls out to a loved one. She has several original singles lined up for release over the coming months.

It was such great fun creating our original version of Sehreyan Wala, which is produced by Avijeet Satapathy & mixed/mastered by Praveen Muralidhar, both of them are fantastic and it’s her pleasure working with them. As an artist, I think this is what we can do with our respective arts for our audience to distract them abit from what’s happening all around and spread some kind of happiness and positivity for a moment at least in the current situation. I hope the audience loves the song as much as I do, she added.

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