Posted on May 14, 2021 at 2:34 pm

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Luv Singh Releases New Trap Song Featuring Loco Grim – Cash Flow

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Luv Singh ft. Loco Grim – Cash Flow

Luv Singh - Cash Flow

Exclusive: Luv Singh featuring Loco Grim – Cash Flow. Singer and Songwriter Luv Singh just released a new fire track – Cash Flow Featuring Loco Grim! The track “Cash Flow” is a trap song with a hard-hitting bassline. The song has a mixture of Punjabi and English lyrics bringing together two different cultures and music styles.
The track creates a simultaneous vibe and theme about money, cars and the ultimate everyday lifestyle of a hustler. Cash Flow teaches us lessons pertaining to a lifestyle of protection against fake friends and backstabbing. The beauty of living life on the edge.
Luv Singh shared the inspiration behind the track; 
“I was vibing in the studio. Similarly, going over many beats when I came across this one certain beat that caught my attention. I loved the way it felt. It was very energetic and up tempo. As soon as I heard the beat I realized I can create something really remarkable. That is when the idea popped into my head. I realized that I should write a song that will inspire me and others to achieve our goals.”
“I wrote down a few ideas to see what I have in common with my audience. Came to realize that at the end of the day we are all reaching out for success, financial freedom and protection from fake people around us. I was already working on a few projects with my boy Loco Grim from New York and sent him the beat and told him the idea. He updated me within 30 mins with a verse and I saw the song come to live!”
Luv Singh‘s track has created such a spark amongst fans because of the inspirational message behind the lyrics. Cash Flow truly lives up to the title track. Similarly, the track has given us a new energetic spin on hustler life which we see depicted in the music video!
The music video was shot in two different countries; Belgium and USA. The Belgium scenes were shot by Reyaan Films and the USA scenes were shot by Brown Boy Lowie. Luv Singh edited the music video and gave us the spark of hustler season on the screen!
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