Posted on February 13, 2021 at 6:21 am

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Luv Singh’s Valentines Track Dooriyan Is Giving Us Endless Feels!

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Luv Singh – Dooriyan

Luv Singh's Valentines Track Dooriyan Is Giving Us Endless Feels

Luv Singh‘s Valentines Track Dooriyan Is Giving Us Endless Feels. Valentine’s Day brings a world of emotions, some of us filled with happiness and love, some lonely and others enjoying the nature of love. Luv Singh has added some spice to the month of love with his new track Dooriyan!

The track Dooriyan was initially written two years ago. Luv really felt inspired to create a slow love song that would echo across to his audience! Luv mentioned that the song could allow anyone to reminisce whether you’re in love or heart broken.

Above all, Luv felt inspired to create this song because of the composition. He felt the potential in the lyrics and it all became a natural flow.

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When asked about his experience creating the song, this is what Luv shared this with us;

“I made sure everything was perfect and to my liking. If I felt as if something was not done right, I would do it over and over again until it reached a level of satisfaction. But generally as I said before, the track came about very naturally. And of course Yuvi’s (producer) efforts also played a very big role in the creation of this record.”

Luv Singh's Valentines Track Dooriyan Is Giving Us Endless Feels

The track Dooriyan has a lot of significance to Luv Singh. He mentioned that working on the song fueled his passion for music. The vibes. lyrics and the composition. Luv enjoyed his experience working on the song. The challenge he experienced was working alongside Yuvi because of their different time zones.

Yuvi is extremely dedicated to his craft and with Luv being 9 hours ahead, it made it quite challenging to create the song. It all worked out in the end and they eventually delivered the golden track that we are able to play on repeat!

Furthermore, the song truly evokes different emotions depending on your own experience. It has definitely encouraged some tears our way and the music video has us reminiscing on the best times.
The video brings a sense of warmth and endless memories of experience. We love the sense of expression and love in the video. It is a video worth watching more than once.
Dooriyan is out now! Check out the music video below!
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