Posted on April 5, 2021 at 3:39 am

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How Pradhyuman Captured The World’s Heart With Indian Matchmaking

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From the moment he walked on screen, Pradhyuman Maloo was a star. He had the elegance, the charm, and even had the “bad boy” vibe going for him. Yet, underneath all that lies a spiritual human being who’s on the quest to still find love amidst the chaos of COVID 19. With a booming business, Pradhyuman has been making a name for himself when it comes to becoming a lady’s man and even a very successful businessman. I’m glad I got the opportunity to interview him away from the cameras and time after the popular show of the Netflix Summer 2020 lineup, Indian Matchmaking, aired!
Pradyuman Smiling To The Camera
Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend: How Pradhyuman Captured The World’s Heart With Indian Matchmaking

Interview with Pradhyuman Maloo

1.) How has life been since Indian Matchmaking aired?

Life has changed in terms of people recognizing me from the Indian Matchmaking Show / Netflix. I have been sharing my views and advice with a lot of people in a similar situation on important forums. I have been exploring a few brand collaborations that interest me and just enjoying everything that comes my way with positivity and gratitude.

2.) What’s your definition of love?

Love is being driven, passionate, and having a vision to live life independently and life together simultaneously. Love is making your partner feel loved, secured, and respected and want the same from them. Love is to grow as an individual whilst growing old together.

3.) How’s your business going especially since Covid hit?

Covid gave us a lot of time to sit, relax and think. The break has given us a fresh perspective and as a team, we are now stronger, clearer, and more focused. At Nornament, we are starting two projects. First, we are planning to launch a jewelry store in Kolkata, India and secondly, I am planning to launch a new affordable luxury jewelry line for my brand Nornament in the very near future.

4.) What are some fun hobbies that you enjoy?

As a person, I’m steadfast and persevering. I believe in living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest. I live an adventurous life and enjoy traveling the world, meeting people, watching movies, experimental cooking, meditating, and scuba diving.

Pradyuman Captured The World's Heart With Indian Matchmaking

5.) Favorite Bollywood movie?
Namaste London and 3 Idiots.
6.) A favorite moment while filming Indian Matchmaking?

Gazing at the sunset, on a horseback with a beautiful woman on a date, whilst birds chirping, some nice breeze blowing and some beautiful laughter in the background

7.) Have you met anyone?

The show has opened more opportunities for me. My family and friends from across the globe are receiving marital proposals for me from their extended social circles. I feel very fortunate to witness how the world is helping me in finding my partner. My Instagram DMs are also flooded with interested people. I am extremely grateful for everything that is coming my way.

Pradhyuman on horseback

8.) How has your definition of love changed throughout your life?

As teenagers, love was mainly the physical attraction. Growing older, I feel having a mental attraction is more important than physical attraction for the relationship to sustain in the long run. However, lately, I feel having a spiritual attraction is also a key facet to truly express your love for the person. Wanting the person to be the best version of themselves and at the same time truly giving your best, is a philosophy I always lived by.

9.) If you were stranded on an island with someone from Indian Matchmaking who would it be?

If I were stranded on an island with someone from Indian Matchmaking, it would be Nadia. She seemed like a very warm and genuine person and I could connect with her better. We would be able to appreciate and enjoy the situation we would be in.

Pradhyuman has made his way into all of our hearts with his appearance on Indian Matchmaking and Urban Asian wishes him all the best in his future endeavors in his business and finding a partner for life!

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