Posted on July 20, 2020 at 5:44 pm

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Crown The Brown Netflix Review: Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking: “You Marry The Family, Not The Person”

Crown The Brown Netflix Review: Indian Matchmaking

Crown The Brown reviews the new Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. Netflix’s new show “Indian Matchmaking” is causing much conversation after its premiere last week.

For those who do not know Indian Matchmaking is a show that follows Sima Taparia, a matchmaker who is based in Mumbai, India as she assists singles who wish to find a life partner. The show features characters from both India and those of the diaspora based in USA.
Firstly, we were impressed with how inclusive this show was. The potential singles had very different backgrounds, personality traits and preferences. It was interesting to see how those power dynamics come into play with the notion of matchmaking especially from a South Asian diasporic lens.
A community experience that is SO RELATABLE! 
The nature of the show is nothing new to what our community has experienced regarding arranged marriages and family involvement in matters of the heart. ‘Reputation’ fuels the right of passage in Brown families.
The one thing we have noticed from the beginning of the show, is how explicit the show showcases discrimination as preference, with regards to colorism, caste and sexism. It is important to note that without previous knowledge on caste and colourism in the Indian society, it might come as a shock.
The Expectation of impossible standards in our society
“Fair” seems to be used in the show when the characters discuss with Sima their potential life partner. The producer of the show did note that they approached the show from one lens and with feedback from the audience they shall take comments into account.
Many have spoken about their issue with Sima Taparia and the comparison regarding Sima and our typical everyday aunties but the real underlying issue is the family dynamics (Brown Parents & Expectations). A lot of the pressure built up regarding marriage was evident. As well as showcasing marriage as a business deal rather than actual connection. Which portrays the idea of arranged marriage in a negative light.
Crown The Brown Netflix Review: Indian Matchmaking
Above all, the endless manner in which they insinuate the notion of “compromise”. Mostly towards the women in the show was extremely problematic and patronizing. Nobody should feel the need to compromise for a partner. Yes, there’s a lot of exaggeration related to the actual show. The most condescending part of it all was definitely the categorisation… They show the impact of colorism, caste system and patriarchal importance or influence thereof. It’s a scary thought when you realize that these are still prevalent because of elders in our society.
The show openly portrays the notion of “you don’t marry the person, you marry the family”. It’s interesting to see the various perspectives regarding preference. Observing what these potential clients view as partnership or in some cases “ownership”.
Cringe-worthy yet Fascinating to Unpack!
It opens up an entirely new worlds of matchmaking. Especially for those who are not aware of the social issues or generational narratives. The ones we are all trying to dismantle. It’s a cringe-worthy yet fascinating perspective on marriage and the South Asian community. As well as the impact of Western society on our ability to connect with one another. Connecting under the pressure of family and traditional views. If you have not watched the show, be sure to check out the trailer below! It will blow your mind!
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