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Exclusive Interview: Brandon Banks – “Music is an Escape for Me”

Exclusive Interview: Brandon Banks - "Music is an Escape for Me"
photography by Jacob Bojsza

Exclusive Interview: Brandon Banks. Singer, Song-writer and model Brandon Banks has surely blessed our playlists with his versatility. One thing we love more than music is an artist with a purpose and that is exactly what Brandon strives to do with his music.

His endless passion for music and creation has inspired many and we cannot get enough of his soothing vocals! We wanted to know more about the man behind the music and this is what Brandon shared with us!

Exclusive Interview: Brandon Banks - "Music is an Escape for Me"
photography by @zamarvelez
What inspired your love for music and when did your journey start?

Before I understood music, and what it means for me – words were what struck me, as a kid I read a lot, and I loved poetry. I wrote my first poem around the 4th grade, and my first song in the 6th grade.

How would you describe your sound to those who might not know?

I would say my sound is calm, reflective, and honest.

Exclusive Interview: Brandon Banks - "Music is an Escape for Me"
photography by @andrewkeyser
As an independent artist, what would you say is the most challenging part of being a musician?

To me, the most challenging part as an indie artist is balancing finances with creativity. We exist in a capital based system, so you need money to survive and have any upward mobility.

Art is something that requires stillness and patience, so everything you do is usually an investment and doesn’t immediately lead to money. Two opposite ends of the spectrum but you have to find that decent equilibrium between stillness and movement.

What has been some of your highlights as an artist over the years?

For me, it always feels like a highlight when I finish a project I like. Regardless of who hears/sees, getting from A to B comes with a sense of accomplishment.

You are so versatile with your range, lyrics and beats. Take us through the process, how are your tracks inspired and what motivates the lyrics behind it all?

My process usually starts from guitar or keys, and we build the song out from there – certain chords strike different emotions, and lyrically I usually write about life experiences or frustrations. I like to let the words flow and then tweak things later.

Brandon Banks
photography by @jackmckain
Your music has a way of creating a completely safe and loving ambiance for listeners. What is one thing that you hope your listeners take away from listening to your music?

I hope listeners hear what I am saying, like really take in the stories I am trying to tell and catch the metaphors. Hopefully my music can help people feel at peace, even if for a moment – music is an escape for me, so I want it to be that for the listener.

Brandon Banks

Your latest single, ‘Gold’ is truly inspirational and struck many of us emotionally. What enticed that powerful song?

Gold is kind of like a scrapbook of thoughts, jumping from family memories, societal pressures, to hopes and dreams – the chords were very smooth when I first heard them.

I wanted to speak on how we all need money but it is not the most high, so although society tells us to sacrifice our entire being to productivity and finances. We have to focus on the things that really matter outside of the material world.

What advice do you have for other aspiring musicians?

Quality still matters, even in a fast paced world. It’s better to have 3 fire projects than 5 janky and 2 decent ones. So always ask questions, always be a student finding ways to improve your tools of the trade.

Patience & grace are some of the hardest and most important parts of an artists journey.

Brandon Banks
photography by Erica Hernanez  : @e_h_


1. Many of us have been stuck indoors, music has been an outlet for us all. What are the top 3 artists on your current list?

Mello Zed
Muddy Monk

2. What is something new that you have learnt during this time?

Studying mycology currently.

3. Top 5 films of all time?

I have multiple top 5s . I’d need a longer list but I am a big sci fi fan – I’ll watch any sci fi if the graphics & plot are decent.

4. Favourite dish and colour?

BBQ jerk chicken with rice & peas – any colours in the sunrise and sunset.

5. Artists you would love to collaborate with in the future?


6. Daily Mantra that you live by?

Every day I give myself a fresh start, and try to pay attention to detail.

Brandon Banks
photography by Jacob Bojsza

Brandon Banks is surely one artist that knows what his audience enjoys. He has an exceptional voice, way with words and flare for fashion.

His passion echoes in every track and his continuous love for the world in its most authentic form is truly captivating.

It is very rare to be able to capture an artists vision through his music, which is exactly what Brandon does!

We cannot wait to hear more from Brandon Banks. Be sure to follow his journey on social media @brandonxbanks.

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