Posted on March 6, 2021 at 7:45 pm

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Top 4 Bollywood Movies that Feature Gambling in India

The colorful and vivacious world of Bollywood is notable for being a highly prolific industry. It produces between 1,500 to 2,000 movies every year. It significantly outpaces Hollywood when it comes to movie production rates.

A good number of movies produced by India’s well-known entertainment industry have gambling as the theme or feature the casino setting. Here’s a rundown of four of the best gambling-related films India has produced. They don’t go in-depth into the gambling scene or the mechanics of certain games or online casino features like different casino bonus options and promotional offerings. However, they are interesting titles worth watching.

Teen Patti

Starring Amitabh Bachchan, 2010’s Teen Patti is regarded as India’s version of the Hollywood movie 21. It is a creative amalgamation of mathematics and the thrill of card games. It tells the story of a mathematics professor who experimented with his game-changing theory on probability using card games. He then hired a group of students to use his probability theory to win in card games.

The Striker

Another movie released in 2010, The Striker made history for being the first Indian movie to be released on YouTube on the same day it was released in India’s theatres. The movie is about an impoverished boy who was remarkable for his passion for carrom. His skill was discovered by a syndicate boss, who found a way to use him for a money-making ploy.

The Casino

Released in 2020, The Casino emerged as one of the most popular online movie series in India during the pandemic. It is about an heir to a multimillion-dollar gambling house based in Nepal. Still reeling from the death of his mother, the heir struggled to take control over the inheritance, which was being claimed by the mistress of his deceased father.

The Great Gambler

This one is a classic. An action thriller film from 1979, The Great Gambler was one of the most expensive movies at the time it was released. It was shot across multiple international locations including Lisbon, Cairo, Rome, and Venice. The movie features the life of Jai, a gambling genius who was famous for not having lost a game. His skills caught the attention of Ratan Das, the leader of an underground organization. Das sought to use Jai’s talent to unfairly win big money from rich people. 

Jai has a long lost twin brother, Saxena, who was working for another underworld organization. The two initially had to face off with each other before they realized that they were supposed to be fighting a common enemy.

These movies do not have a heavy focus on the subject of gambling. However, they win points for their entertainment value. They feature engaging stories and excellent acting from their leads and support characters. Hopefully, India can also produce thought-provoking stories that do not only put gambling or casinos in the backdrop. 

India has a near-limitless pool of film-makers and talented actors. It is not going to be difficult to come up with a project that compares to a noted Hollywood masterpiece like California Split from 1974. The four in the list above are by no means bad or conspicuously inferior, though.


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