Posted on March 25, 2021 at 7:12 am

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Don’t Stop Till You Drop – How Indiana Mehta is Dancing Her Way Into Our Hearts

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From dancing her way into viewers’ hearts in the Netflix movie “Work It” to her incredible versatile choreography, Indiana Mehta is making her way into our hearts one project after another. With her beauty and grace and her drive, the world is her oyster and she’s ready to show the world what she’s got on all levels. As a triple threat, her dancing and acting have both come in handy, yet her choreography has been a game-changer and the industry should watch out for her as she makes her way into our hearts with every step and pivot she makes!

Indiana Mehta dressed in blue

Interview with Indiana Mehta

1.) How was growing up in a Canadian-Indian Household?
Well, I moved from India to Canada in 2018. My family lives in Mumbai so, to be honest I didn’t really grow up in a Canadian Indian Household. 
2.) Were your parents supportive of your acting career?
I couldn’t have asked for a better support system. From taking me to dance classes at the tender age of 3 to Skating training at 15 to let me move to the UK to study performing arts, I think this pretty much sums it up.
3.) How did you get the gig of playing Priya in Work It? How has your life changed since then?
When I first auditioned for Work It, I think I was going for an ensemble dancer role…hmmm.. at least I think so hahaha… During the freestyle round in the audition, I can proudly say I wowed the panel with various styles like Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Bhangra & Garba. That got me an invitation to audition for a role. From one round to the next it just kept getting better. Since then I have this deep sense of appreciation for every artist not limited to dance or acting but the camera team, hair team, make-up team, set designers, etc. Work It opened many avenues for potential acting careers and broadening my skills beyond dance.
Work It cast Netflix
4.) What are some hobbies you’ve found during covid? How has Covid affected you?
Covid really helped me reflect on living a healthy lifestyle. Which got me hooked to reading more, yoga, and weight training. Also motivated me to be in the best shape I can so I have a long career as a dancer and not retire or not be able to audition for dance jobs because I’m not as strong or flexible or moving forward with the industry standards. The sad part about COVID is not being able to visit my family (parents) back in Mumbai. It’s been over 15 months since I’ve seen my parents.
5.) What’s next for Indiana Mehta
I am currently working on a couple of projects and some I’ve already shot (Can’t talk about it). I am scoping more into the artistic side of Film/TV, wanting to be involved in bringing projects to life. Besides that, I’m continuing to train in dance, acting, and everything that will help me be a better version of myself.
6.) What’s the go-to song that gets you excited?
OOoo there are a few! Bollywood – Dola Re Dola & Nasik Dhol (Bombay centric song hahaha) || JLO – Get on the floor || Any Beyonce song – she’s my goddess lol
7.) If you could be costarred with any actor or actress who would it be?
Ahhhhh this is pure manifesting! Actor – Tom Cruise, Actress – Deepika Padukone (Obsessed with Deepika… I mean come on.. who isn’t)
8.) What’s a quote that inspires you? any advice to aspiring actors/actresses?
Ah, there are a few! Push yourself because no one is going to do that for you! Something that my dad always says – nothing you do in life goes to waste.
Advice – As an actor/actress/dancer/artist you’ve got to look at yourself as a business. The more versatile you are the more opportunities will come to you. (This may not work for everyone but it has and is working for me). I’ve learned it the hard way but it’s okay to take a break and it’s okay to say no to a job.

We can’t wait to see what Indiana has in store for us this upcoming year!

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