Posted on August 15, 2020 at 11:00 am

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Work It: “Dancers did not receive the same kind of respect as actors”, says Indiana Mehta

Indiana Mehta will be seen playing the role of a brown girl Priya in a dance movie ‘Work It’. She will be doing her first Hollywood debut alongside Sabrina Carpenter.

Indiana Mehta
Indiana Mehta

Work It is produced by Alicia Keys to release worldwide on Netflix this August 7th.

Being a dancer all through her life, Indiana was the first Indian in the history of Laine Theatre Arts,’ world’s No.1 Musical theatre school. To graduate with a National Diploma in performing arts with alumni like Victoria Beckham, Ruthie Henshall & many Broadway stars.

But as luck would have it, she did not manage to secure a work permit. She had to fly back to her home in Mumbai, India.

After hustling hard for all these years, Indiana was not kicked about fewer opportunities in India.

After an advanced training to match the standard of international dancers who perform at theatrical musicals. She her forte being Jazz & contemporary leaving her with fewer options to explore a career back home.

Indiana did assist a couple of choreographers on dance reality shows.

Sharing her experience in the dream city,

‘Whenever I worked as a dancer in India, it was always like, ‘Ha dance hi toh karna hai!’, actors were referred to as artists.

It was shocking for me because dancers did not receive the same kind of respect as actors.

‘In India I was getting too caught up in building connections because at the end of the day it mattered who you knew. After graduating from London, I always knew I wanted to expose myself to the hustle of auditioning. I at least know I am trying when I’m auditioning. For some people it can be quite demotivating to accept rejections. But I always took that as, this wasn’t meant to be…’Kuch toh hoga mera, bas lage raho.’

Indiana later moved to Canada & after 2 long years of struggle, bagged her first ever Hollywood movie Work It.

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