Posted on October 12, 2020 at 12:01 am

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Lil Mishul And Illah Present Official Music Video “Swag Disease”

Lil Mishul And Illah Present Official Music Video “Swag Disease”

Lil Mishul And Illah Present Official Music Video “Swag Disease”

“Swag Disease” is the new wave of global Hip-Hop an Infectious record by international Indian artist Mishul & Illah. The song explores both artist struggles, how they got through hardships, and do it all with such grace as they got the “Swag disease”. The track is a catchy, fun, motivating record. Both artists express their lyrics with a melody delivery, solidifying theirs in the new Hip-Hop sound.

22-year-old Mishul is a Hip Hop Artist from Chicago od Indian origin. He starts producing and recording after he moved to the United States at the age of 13. The modern Trap artist who recently graduated from college also works as a software engineer. Mishul draws inspiration from the authentic Chicagoan sounds like that od Kayne West and Chief Keef. While flexing his lyrics abilities he sets the vibe of his tune with a pinch of R7B. Besides the various releases under his Catalog, Mishul’s collaboration on with fellow Chicago artists, “Tay Capone” & FGB Young” pit his name on the city’s radar as an artist. He solidifies his identity with uniques melodies on synonymous sounding trap beats. Along with writing good music the rapper is also an excellent performer and has had the opportunity of sharing the stage with global stars like Jeremih, Lil Durk, Sunidhi Chauhan, and more.

On the surface of it, It’s easy, to sum up, Los Angeles-based Singer-Producer Mayurath Sinh Aka ILLAH as a musician who makes hit records out of his100$ bedroom studio, but there is much more in the mix. From his days in multiple bands, beings an engineer, and to be on the come-up as ILLAH, Mayurath has established stable footing in the independent music world.

Surprisingly, Mayurath is one of the few or only faces that represent the (Asian Indian demographic leading together). The population of American Residents tracing their roots to South Asia grew to about 5.4 Million in 2017.

The Joint Duke University/ UC Berkeley study revealed that Indian Immigrants have founded more engineering and technology jobs from 1995-2005 than immigrants from the UK, China, Taiwan, and Japan all combined. Sinh particularly sticks out like a sore thumb in this demographic as his career took him on a completely different journey.

One of his leaked songs “no more” has over 100,000 plays on Youtube, while one of his best songs about suicide prevention has almost a million streams. The common thread remains not just in Sinh’s honeyed use of autotune, but also the LO-Fi aesthetic, deep lyrical references, and a unique sound which leans on the ambient melodies and 808s when it feels purposeful. In addition to writing, producing, and recording his own music, ILLAH has a collaboration tape with Wiz Khalifa’s producer Sledgren on the way.

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