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Bindi Babe: Re-imagining the beloved Bindi

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February 12th, 2014 – The birth of Bindi Babe:

As Mayurie sat in her university’s library, pondering upon her future outside its walls, an idea struck her. Her love for the arts, Haute Couture, and jewels intertwined to create a unique and truly Desi brand: Bindi BabeThe brand has revived and re-imagined the Bindi as a newfound Hindu jewel; a symbol of femininity and heritage that adorns its wearers with beauty and confidence.

BB’s logo

Bindi Babe’s mission:

Bindi Babe has grown significantly in its own niche market. Over the past 7 years, it has garnered thousands of eager customers. The result is a network of Babes- people who cherish the Bindi. The brand caters to “The ‘Babe’ – where ever she is from and where she may be; sometimes overlooked, underrated, taken for granted OR simply ready to upgrade deserves a gorgeous adornment to one’s ‘third-eye’.”

Says the founder, Mayurie, ”I’m reviving the once classic dot… with what feels like I’m transforming its entirety but bringing along the historic values and rich depth of my heritage from India, made in England which grants its innovative twist. I can’t help but include my British-Asian style but BB is dedicated to women from all over the world. Having a eclectic upbringing and fused background lets you find love for all things, simply fabulous.”

Mayurie, founder of Bindi Babe 

The Diary of a Bindi Babe:

But the brand isn’t just about the Bindi- it’s also about the Babes. Growing up as a Gujarati girl in the UK, Mayurie, like most of us in the diaspora, has spent all her life weaving together the two different worlds she’s a part of. By reflecting on her colorful past, Mayurie has created a series of semi-fiction memoirs called “The Diary of a Bindi Babe”. These memoirs can be accessed by clicking on this link. 

The Diamond Bindi:

One of Mayurie’s most exciting ventures is designing the first ever Diamond Bindi – the epitome of cultural luxury. She hopes to have the final products displayed in London and Mumbai. As a part of her Diamond Bindi Babes series, the entrepreneur has also designed a tourmaline gemstone Bindi. The design consists of 6 tiers of lavender-and-lagoon colored tourmaline stones. She has her mind set on experimenting with all types of gemstones in order to create unique and gorgeous designs.

Mayurie’s design of the tourmaline gemstone Bindi

BB’s services:

Mayurie has gone above and beyond to establish her brand by catering to the needs of Babes everywhere. Although the business is UK based, they ship worldwide. Bonus points to BB for using recycled cotton t-shirts to manufacture all postage and packaging! The business also provides a service called the BB Beauty-Bar. It is an ideal booking for events like weddings, gatherings, and festivals. Founder Mayurie herself hosts the service, which features the opportunity for guests to receive Bindi make-overs, purchase stunning Bindis, and educate themselves on Bindis and Indian cultures. The BB Beauty Bar has been featured in several prominent events, from the Open-Air Festival, Amsterdam, in 2013, to The Asian Women Festival, UK, in 2019.

BB bar
Bindi packages sold at a BB Beauty Bar

Bindi Babe

Morouj, BB’s best selling Bindi set. The collection is named after founder Mayurie’s best friend, and comes in rose gold and emerald green (as seen above), purples, or black & silver. 

Apart from the BB Beauty-Bar, Bindi Babe also offers customized orders. Customers can choose what kind of colors, materials, and shape they want their Bindis to be. Bindi packages also come with care instructions and suggests re-using the Bindis up to 4 times.

To follow Bindi Babe’s exciting new ventures, head over to their Instagram page @bindibabeonline, or visit their website to check out their latest Bindis and order a package or service!

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