Posted on May 18, 2020 at 10:36 pm

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The one trick for glowing skin no one wants to hear

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Like every other woman, I want glowing skin. Turns out the one trick for glowing skin is something no one wants to hear….cardio. I hate it, I absolutely loathe parking myself on a machine and staying there for 40 minutes. I feel-and subsequently look like a sad hamster. As it turns out there is a specific science behind why being a hamster can give you a lit-from-within lasting glow surpassing the results of even the best vitamin C skin serum. Apart from the benefits for your heart (which I don’t care about because no one can see my heart)- It boosts the responsiveness and health of your capillaries giving you glowing skin.

Photo by Phaedra Botanicals on Unsplash
Photo by Phaedra Botanicals on Unsplash

What are capillaries?

Imagine your arteries branching and getting thinner. At the very end of all the branching arteries become so fine that only one red blood cell can fit through them at a time. Thousands of them form a cotton-like mesh. This mesh of capillaries is where the magic happens- it is where nutrients are exchanged, oxygen is delivered to your every inch of your body. Everything that matters for your health happens at the capillary-level. Even the biological processes that give you glowing skin occur at the capillary-level.

So why be a hamster for 40 minutes three times a week?

Because it will help your capillary health. It will make them stronger, more resilient, more efficient in them delivering nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, and this is where the beauty comes in. Capillaries supply your skin too. If you sweat it out and get your heart pumping hamster-style, you WILL notice glowing skin. It may take a few weeks, but it will be more noticeable than any face mask could ever be. Plus, the more you pretend to be like a hamster, the more capillaries will grow, supplying even more oxygen-rich blood to your body. You will glow. It will take two months to see a marked difference, but you will see it. The most expensive LaMer serum cannot accomplish what is a hamster will.

So go ahead- be a sexy hamster, get that glowing skin!

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