Posted on January 16, 2020 at 4:57 pm

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Honey Lemon Water Challenge

The Honey Lemon H20 Challenge do you have what it takes?

What it is:

I recently read a book claiming that we are all chronically dehydrated. Environmental stressors, lack of time, stressful schedules, busy lives- all create the perfect storm for us to not hydrate enough. When we are chronically dehydrated, our busy schedules, in turn, can cause even more harm. Think of hydration as a shield, the more of it you have, the better your defenses for infection or sickness are. This challenge addresses dehydration by instructing people to do the following for 30 Days: drink one liter of WARM (not hot) water mixed with honey and lemon first thing after waking up. No coffee, tea, breakfast before. First thing- warm honey lemon water.

Photo by Claudia Crespo on Unsplash
Photo by Claudia Crespo on Unsplash

Advertised benefits

Increased hydration, more energy, less dependence on caffeine, better skin, reduced acne, fewer allergies, decreased appetite, improved mood, increased metabolism, improved digestion, immunity-boosting, general detox, anti-inflammatory, dental health, reduced joint and muscle pain, finding free money in random places and increased sexiness by 10%. Maybe not the free money or 10% part- but an impressive list of benefits none the less. So I decided to give it a whirl. I did this every day for a month.


What it made me feel like: I decided to journal my experience each time I noticed a change.


Week 1:

Reduced symptoms of allergies. I live in Tampa, this week is apparently pollen-palooza. My 32- year-old self has recently developed a mild allergic reaction to pollen. I get a headache when I wake up, it hurts behind my eyes and underneath my little bushy eyebrows if that makes sense. By day three- no headache. This is after a week of pain and headaches. It didn’t just improve- it disappeared. It is important to note that I was very selective with the honey I purchased. I used Florida Raw Unfiltered Honey (pictured below). There is some science saying that regional allergies improve your immune response, so I picked FL honey hoping to keep its immune-boosting benefits. Looks like it worked!


Week 2: I started noticing I was less hungry. I haven’t seen ANY fat loss as a result because in my world weight loss occurs at a rate 1000 times slower than weight gain.

I noticed increased energy despite eating less. I got less tired during the day and didn’t require extra snacks or a nap (I know I sound like a little fat toddler)

Not to be gross- but improved bowel movements, I guess this is what they mean by improved digestion?

End of Week 4:

My skin is GLOWING. I literally look so pretty, I can’t even. Maybe 10% of sexier is true. As a disclaimer: I am fortunate to have even and healthy skin. I struggled a LOT with acne in my teens and even into my early twenties. Through changing my diet and finding a good skincare routine, I no longer have acne. Due to not having acne when I started this challenge, I cannot confirm that this improves acne. However, I do feel like this water took my already healthy skin to the next level. I don’t even need little bits of concealer around my nose or under my eyes. My skin is bright, beaming and has a general glow. I absolutely love it.

I know first hand how acne can suck. I still do think that those suffering should give it a try. Be sure to leave your comments below.


  • I used locally sourced raw, unfiltered honey
  • I didn’t eat for a whole hour after drinking honey lemon water
  • The recipe was an additional tablespoon of honey to warm water and squeeze one whole lemon in water


I can’t believe that I got such positive results. I’m now going to do a super challenge and double my dosage of this drink. It tastes good, makes me feel and look better, it’s a rare win-win. I’ll check back in my progress in a month.

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