Posted on May 6, 2020 at 12:07 pm

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Cecil Mbatha aka Styles Reveals His Latest Single – Smoke and Mirrors

Styles Reveals Single Smoke and Mirrors dedicated to his father

South Africa : Styles. Cecil Mbatha has been one of the musicians we can all relate towards. He brings forth energy that everyone wants and really knows how to navigate his music towards an audience. Styles has given us bangers over the past two years and he has recently revealed his latest track, Smoke and Mirrors.

Smoke and Mirrors has a very significant meaning behind it. The tracks dedicated to Styles late father. The song speaks about Styles journey in terms of finding himself and being an orphan. He touches on painful memories. When asked about the meaning behind it all, this is what Styles shared with us:

“Smoke & Mirrors is a song about the pain I went through during the passing of my dad on December 1st 2019, to stage four cancer. I was pretending to be happy with life and had a mask on trying to hide my pain. The song also touch’s on my depression and suicidal thoughts as a teenager. Being an orphan and how I finally accepted that I’ll never find my biological parents.” 

Furthermore, Styles revealed how he hopes that this new single will help others struggling as well. There are so many young people struggling with their identity and finding themselves. This song hits home for many and will certainly help many struggling. This is one really commendable young musician. His strength has brought him this far and we are excited to announce that he is currently working on a debut album!

Styles announced that his debut album produced by Hendrik Joerges and himself, is currently in the works. No release date as yet. During this time, he has also been taking to social media with his new Celebrity Chat Radio Show! Be sure to check it out on instagram @Styles_rsa for more details soon.

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