Posted on April 22, 2020 at 8:04 am

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Music Composer Amaal Mallik On Why He Decided To Produce Rapper Young Zwann’s Jung

Bollywood music composer, Amaal Mallik has recently produced a thrilling rap song.

Amaal Mallik
Amaal Mallik

It is called Jung by Nagpur-based rapper Young Zwann and the song has become an instant hit.

The song which gives the beautiful message of overcoming inner-conflict has crossed over three million views and seems to have struck a chord with the audience.

Amaal Mallik, who has always been supportive of independent artists says,

“It’s a perfect time for younger artists to put their music out there….independent music is the future and that’s how a true artist can make his mark.”

Amaal has also previously produced for upcoming artist Mohd Kalam for the song Tera Shehar, and it was the perfect kickstarter for the budding singer.

Talking about why he decided to produce for Young Zwann, Amaal said,

“His music is honest, it’s today and it’s got a fiery thought. He is a hardworking guy, he came and dubbed the changes I wanted in the verses almost 50-60 times, that hunger is what I look for in an artist.”

Young Zwann is equally happy to have collaborated with Amaal and says,

“Amaal Mallik is this amazing artist who’s always been open to experimenting with his music. And I’m glad that we could release this amazing song together!”

The duo met through Amaal Mallik’s childhood friend, Shiva Maheshwari, who’s also the executive producer for Jung.

When Shiva met Young Zwann, he instantly recognized his talent. He wanted to bring him to the limelight that he very well deserved.

He said,

“When I first met him, I realized that his back story was really different! Imagine someone who is already blessed to have so many things and is still discontent because it doesn’t fulfill his inner desire of betterment. That is what I saw in him and decided to do my best to execute things on his behalf. I mean the guy is relentless, honestly!”

He may not talk a lot but he sure puts in a lot of work. With 3 million views on his debut track, his blessings seem to be working for him.

“Young Zwann and his team had mapped out everything they wanted to put out there and it was them that gave my company a chance to execute things for them. So my thoughts on getting the project are that I am really thankful to Young Zwann and his entire team with a special mention to Vijay Uncle for having faith in me and to give us this opportunity!” he adds.

Jung also features Toronto based rapper, RamRiddlz who delivered several hit songs like Katana, Niagra, Sweeterman among others.

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