Posted on April 22, 2020 at 8:29 am

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Avina Shah’s ‘Husan di Rani’ Released Worldwide 13th April 2020

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Avina Shah’s ‘Husan di Rani’ Released Worldwide 13th April 2020

Avina Shah’s ‘Husan di Rani’ Released Worldwide 13th April 2020. Singer Avina Shah’s foot-tapping take on social media ‘influencers’ and the effect on our mental health!

British-Indian singer-songwriter Avina Shah, who has previously crooned to tracks like ‘Playboy’ and ‘TereBina’ is back with her latest song, ‘Husan di Rani’. The track, like Avina’s previous songs, is message-driven as well as peppy and foot-tapping, taking us into the world of social media and today’s selfie-culture. As we self-isolate during this time of quarantine and Covid19, Avinagives us the viral track ‘Husan Di Rani’ that will surely spark a giggle whilst giving us a reality check into the perfect world we see online.

Avina, who juggles effortlessly between her business and music career, has always believed in making music with a message, in fact, her debut song ‘Tere Bina’ was a charity track that supported victims of domestic abuse and raised funds for the Southall black sisters charity. Similarly, ‘Husan di Rani’ drives home the message of social media fixation that most of the youth across the globe are affected by.

Shot in the glamorous Buddha Bar in London Knightsbridge, ‘Husan Di Rani’ features popular social media influencers from London and takes you behind the scenes into the world of ‘influencers’, in a pure comedic sense!

Talking about the song, Avina says,

“Social media seems to have taken over our lives with people sharing their best moments and giving the illusion that their lives are perfect…but all is not always what it seems! The impact that social media has on our mental health is pretty crazy! I just wanted to highlight what sometimes may be going on behind the scenes (in a funny way) as it’s easy for people to compare their lives against what they see online and feel negative or depressed as a result!”

Concluding with her plans for the new year, she says,

“With everyone currently in isolation and our world drastically changing every day, Husan Di Rani aims to brighten your day whilst sharing an important message that we can all remember after these dark times are over. I look forward to sharing many more meaningful songs this year! But for now stay home, stay safe and keep dancing!”

‘Husan di Rani’ released worldwide digitally on Monday 13th April 2020 on T-Series and has since received great feedback from a growing legion of fans. Avina will be using the hashtag #HusanDiRani to promote the song.

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