Posted on March 26, 2020 at 5:04 pm

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Exclusive: Arpit G Releases New Banger Called Lukka Chuppi

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Arpit G – Lukka Chuppi Out Now!

Exclusive: Arpit G Releases New Banger Called Lukka Chuppi

Music Release:  Musician Arpit G has just released a new track called Lukka Chuppi. The world of music has an universal language and Arpit G has been no stranger to bringing people together. Arpit has always had a way of embracing others through his passion for music and his new banger has certainly left us wanting to quarantine with a ‘jaan’.

Lukka Chuppi tells the story of two lovers stuck in quarantine and their story being indoors. Surrounded by each other, life can either get easier or harder. Arpit celebrates this perspective of love and being stuck with someone you love! It is no surprise that the world is in a pandemic right now, but one thing is certain, music makes everything better!

Music has a way of bringing joy and making people feel more at ease. Lukka Chuppi is certainly a song worth adding to your playlist during quarantine. We love how relatable this song is during this time. Social distancing has caused us to depart but music like this, reminds us how important it is to stick together.

Above all, the music video definitely left us in the “feels”. The music video includes model/actress Priya Patel. Lyrics: Arpit G, Divyesh Mungra Music Producers: Arpit G, Dr. Vilest Vocal Production: Ashish Khandal Mix/Master: Sunil Sehgal @ Ranbir Studio Director/Cinematographer – Mithin Thomas Gaffer/Key Grip – Nelson Smith Editor/Colorist – Mithin Thomas PA – Rachel Pham.

Watching the memories being made in quarantine such as spider overpowering, sobbing in love and epic pillow fights. It really makes us all want some loving in this dark time, what a way to celebrate love and one another! Lukka Chuppi for the win! REPEAT on the daily.

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