Posted on January 30, 2020 at 1:58 am

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Neel Releases New Romantic Upbeat Record ‘Tera Deewana”

Neel Releases New Romantic Upbeat Record ‘Tera Deewana”

Neel Releases New Romantic Upbeat Record ‘Tera Deewana”. NEW YORK’S RISING STAR NEEL RELEASES HIS ROMANTIC UPBEAT RECORD ‘TERA DEEWANA’ TO KICK START THE NEW YEAR Neel Nadkarni, popularly known as NEEL, has announced the release of his latest single ‘Tera Deewana’. Hailing from New York, the Bollywood-influenced R&B/Pop singer-songwriter has had a promising start to 2020 with his current sound and style. NEEL is notably recognized for being a finalist on the highly acclaimed reality singing show SaReGaMaPa, as well as winning Exodia Idol, a popular competition run by Shankar Mahadevan.

Having opened for the likes of Jay Sean, Mickey Singh, Arjun, Vishal-Shekhar and more, since his 2015 debut album ‘Emotions’, NEEL has become a rising star not only in America but also internationally. His musical abilities are not limited to his classically-trained vocal skills; NEEL is also a skilled instrumentalist playing the piano, tabla, keyboard and guitar. His versatility and exposure to different forms of music shine through his sound. Following the success of his last hit single ‘Take You Home’, which was playlisted on all major Asian media outlets, ‘Tera Deewana’ is the perfect blend of Eastern and Western sounds. With the romance of Bollywood in the lyrics, and uplifting pop/reggaeton beat, and catchy chorus, ‘Tera Deewana’ is set to be popular in both the clubs and for those easy-listeners out there!

The track was influenced by NEEL’s own real-life ‘love at first sight’ event as he states “I was out one night at a club and I met this girl I felt like I’d known forever. You could feel the electricity in the air; we just wanted to get away and be alone. Unfortunately, I had to head home though because of an early flight I had the next morning. The whole next day in the studio, I couldn’t get her out of my head. I just imagined what it would’ve been like if we had left, gotten a bottle of champagne, and gone on a crazy romantic adventure… which was the inspiration behind “Tera Deewana”.

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Set against the beautiful landscape of Long Island City, New York and capturing the romance and instantaneous feel-good energy felt between NEEL & his love interest, the music video for ‘Tera Deewana’ tells the story of the inspiration behind the track perfectly.
A humble and deserving artist, NEEL also uses his music to spread love and create a change in the community. He has supported Unicef’s U.S. Fund for the earthquake in Nepal, the prevention of farmers’ suicides in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Syrian
refugees relief, March of Dimes, Samar, ASHA, and SAMHIN. NEEL is also working on several records for other artists and is emerging as a prominent producer as well.

‘Tera Deewana’ is out now on all major platforms.

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