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A healthy lifestyle with diabetes

Treatment of diabetes is not only a regular intake of antidiabetic drugs or insulin. It is also a correction of lifestyle- nutrition, physical activity, work, and rest. A healthy lifestyle in diabetes is the basis of good health and prevention of disease complications.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is manifested by a deficiency of insulin – a special hormone that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates. Insufficient secretion of insulin leads to a decrease in the content of blood sugar levels – hypoglycemia. Severe hypoglycemia deprives the brain and other human organs of energy source- there are different pathological symptoms, up to the development of a coma.

Insulin not only actively participates in carbohydrate metabolism. This hormone is directly involved in the metabolism of fats and proteins. It has an anabolic effect, so its presence is important for the synthesis of protein structures of muscles, skin, and tissues of internal organs. Thus, insulin deficiency leads not only to an increase in sugar levels but also to the disruption of almost all organs and systems of the body.


A healthy lifestyle with diabetes
A healthy lifestyle with diabetes

The basis of lifestyle with diabetes

Doctors prescribe each patient with diabetes, not only the drugs that reduce sugar levels but also detailly explains about the features of the lifestyle, which will ensure successful treatment and help prevent the development of severe complications. In the office of the endocrinologist, the patient often receives a brochure with a detailed description of the diet, the regularity of taking drugs, recommendations for optimal physical activity. In the endocrinologist’s office, the patient receives a brochure with a detailed description of the diet, the regularity of drug intake, and recommendations for optimal physical activity.

A favorite expression of endocrinologists: “Diabetes is not a disease but a way of life.” At first, meticulous counting of all eaten and drunk in combination with the accurately calculated intensity of physical activity seems tedious to many patients, but soon most of them get used to it and almost don’t feel disadvantaged and deprived of the joys of life.

The main rules for a patient with diabetes:


  • regularly visit the endocrinologist and follow his instructions (the use of a glucometer, counting “bread units,” etc.);
  • never skip your meals;
  • don’t eat what and how much you want: the number of calories and carbohydrates in each serving should be taken into account in order to correct the administration of insulin;
  • watch your weight;
  • drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid per day (the dose is given for a person of average height and average weight);
  • limit salt intake;
  • alcohol is banned or severely restricted;
  • regular physical activity of the recommended intensity.

Diet for people with diabetes

In the case of diabetes, the diet should be balanced and fractional– at least 5 times a day.  We recommend:


  • soups on weak broth (strong broths are contraindicated);
  • low-fat sorts of meat and fish;
  • cereals: oatmeal, millet, barley, buckwheat, and rice. It is better to exclude semolina;
  • legumes;
  • pasta (limited)
  • bread (limited); better rye bread with bran;
  • vegetables: cabbage, lettuce, greens, radishes, zucchini, and cucumbers are recommended; in limited amount – potatoes, carrots, and beets;
  • up to 2 eggs per day;
  • sweet fruits and berries (limited); bananas, strawberries, and grapes are contraindicated;
  • dairy products: recommended dairy products, cottage cheese; whole milk should be limited or excluded completely;
  • fats: limit animal fats and reduce the consumption of vegetable oil;
  • drinks: fresh juices, weak coffee, and tea.

Protein supplements and powders are greatly encouraged for diabetics. Here are some recommendations.

The dose of insulin should be calculated by the patient based on the sugar content in the portion.

Active work in case of diabetes

For a patient with diabetes, there are restrictions when applying for a job. The patient should take into account that his/her work shouldn’t be associated with danger to life (his/her own and other people’s), night shifts, and inability to comply with the regime of eating and insulin intake. Any strong stress loads are also contraindicated: intense mental stress, contact with toxins, unfavorable microclimate (hot shop, high dustiness, etc.), and heavy physical work.

If you stick to all doctor’s recommendations and follow a healthy lifestyle, diabetes will not bring you serious upsets; it won’t prevent you from leading an active life, full of joys, Cinema, and discoveries. At the same time, you will relax more often. For example, play and compete with the dealer while playing blackjack for money, where different types of blackjack are available at the tables (as well as in a live casino) for one or more players. Choose the game you like and start playing blackjack.

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