Posted on December 16, 2019 at 11:38 pm

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CUBICLES Every Millennial’s First Job Expectations VS Reality

CUBICLES Every Millennial’s First Job Expectations vs Reality

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CUBICLES Every Millennial’s First Job Expectations vs Reality. After 4 years of complete hard work, declining party invitations and finally getting through college with flying colors; we, the young enthu-cutlets are ready to conquer the corporate world. With a proud smile and a ready-to-rule attitude, we fantasize about becoming the youngest vice president (LOL) of the company.

Well eventually, the rose-tinted glass wears off too quickly and before you know it, the first day of your first real job comes crashing down. Dedicating their new series on the millennial’s stepping into the real professional world, The Viral Fever (TVF) in association with DSP Mutual Fund presents a heartfelt and refreshing new series – Cubicles.

Here are 5 instances from the series that will make every young professional scream ‘I FEEEEL YOU, BRO’ to the screen!
Expectation – The motivation level is at 100

It’s the first day of work; you are full of hope with pre-ready ideas to share as soon as you enter the workplace. With a glee on your face, you press your thumb on the bio-metric scan to jump start your day with all that positive energy.

Reality – The motivation level is slowly crashing down

But just at that auspicious moment of your life, the bio-metric scan says declined. And then you hear the receptionist say ‘Aapka naam register pe nahi hai, jao system office main verify karke aao.’ Welcome to your first corporate rejection and the arrival of your very own personal visitors ID.

Expectation – You expect to impress everyone with your mad jokes

With your humorous icebreaking jokes and smooth-talking, you expect to definitely be the favourite of your team and everyone will feel like a family.

Reality – No one really cares!

Soon you realize no one talks in the office and when you do crack a joke; their poker faces clearly say you have a first-grade kid’s sense of humor.

Expectation – You look forward to being appreciated for your Mehnat ka kaam

All set to become your boss’ favorite with your gyaan that you gained studying 4 years in college.

Reality – You know nothing, Jon Snow!

As soon as you begin working, the first work assignment you get is the one thing you don’t like doing, and the longer you work on it, the dumber you start feeling. Eventually, the first day itself you feel unfit for the job profile.

Expectation – The Great Canteen Thali

Every freshly joined employee excitedly waits to sit with their teammates together, taste canteen food and have a jolly time.

Reality – Bhai, Bahar Khaane Chalte hai!

When you ask your teammates for lunch, they are already done with it. While you sit alone and take the first bite of the inedible canteen food, is when reality sinks in and ‘Maa ke haath ka khaana yaad aata hai’.

Expectation – You have a new nickname in the office

You expect everyone to be super excited to meet you; talk about their crazy office antics and give you a new nickname.

Reality – It’s a miracle they remember your name

In reality, literally no one cares and it would be the best thing if they could actually even remember your real name the next day.

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