Posted on November 11, 2019 at 9:29 pm

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Vee Kapoor’s Har Kisi Ko Receives Huge Appreciation

Vee Kapoor’s Har Kisi Ko Receives Huge Appreciation

Vee Kapoor on a hat-trick, as Har Kisi Ko amasses huge appreciation

With Giridhari and Saavaro garnering tremendous appreciation from the audience as well as the critics, Vee Kapoor is all set to add a new composition to his panoply of superhit songs. ‘Har Kisiko Nahi Milta’, the superhit track from Janbaaz sung originally by Manhar Udhas and Sadhana Sargam, was recreated by Vee Kapoor, accompanied by the adroit singer Ambika Jois. Ambika is an extremely versatile singer, who has attained dedicated training in Carnatic music and possesses an enduring passion for western music such as Jazz, Soul, etc.

In a field where artists struggle for years together and where your trademark is established solely through your talent, Vee Kapoor has entrenched a place for himself within the industry. Working on every song, synchronizing chord to chord, translating and transforming mere words into meaningful, melodious music have made Vee Kapoor’s songs a favorite amongst the audience. With talent booming out of every nook and corner of the world, especially in India, Vee Kapoor attributes his musical knowledge for his proximity to his Indian roots.

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This song, which is particularly popular and whose musical notes, alap, alankaar, intelligent and thoughtful use of musical instruments have all conglomerated together to make it a lyrically sound song. Vee recollects, “I remember listening fondly to this song, as a kid and today while I recreate it in my voice, it is a huge responsibility. I have always been a fan of Indian Classical Music because of its richness and purity and walking on the footsteps laid down by these great singers, is always a pleasurable, yet responsible job.”

Vee Kapoor’s songs are a replica of his dedication and perseverance towards his work and towards the Indian culture. His work always results in elevating his audience’s respect for him. The modern touch gifted by him to these Indian classics will help him to see him through his eclectic musical journey.

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