Posted on October 29, 2019 at 9:27 pm

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Classy Taper Fade Men’s Haircuts

Taper Fade Haircuts for Men You Should Try This Year


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Taper fade haircuts for men have taken the styling industry with surprise. Though these hairstyles for men are not new, they are constantly being upgraded to stylish looks. They are some of the chicest and timeless haircuts for guys in 2019. Their stylishness is well-defined by their clean look and a unique element of interest that they bring into your styles thanks to the graduated cut on the back and the sides.

Trendy taper fade styles often complement pretty well with facial hairstyles, and most of them incorporate side designs. Get inspiration from these most fashionable styles we have collected for you here.


  • Choppy Taper Fade Hairstyle.


This punk-inspired hairstyle is chic and sophisticated at the same time. For the guys with fairly thick manes, you don’t have to cut it extra short, but rather leave the top long, after all, it is not a bad idea. You will create a haircut that is extra edgy that appears modern. It is a great hairstyle for guys who need some little modification in their haircuts. You may also enhance the texture by applying styling gel or pomade.


  • Flipped Fade.


With a flipped quiff like this, your taper haircut gets a bit more pizzazz. The hairstyle has a pretty short length, but you can choose to rock it with a longer length.


  • High Top and Extended Hairline.


Though this is not a modern taper fade, it is a hairstyle full of attitude and contrasts. If you have thick manes, you can create this hairstyle and personalise your hair top the way you want. A buzzed part that extends the hairline and divides the high top from the fade is a beautiful feature to include in your hairstyle.


  • Sculpted Taper Haircut.


This hairstyle is defined by three things; precision, clean, and well-sculpted. The haircut is quite impressive and timeless. The entire hair is kept in place, and the side part is included to enhance structure to the haircut.


  • Highlighted Taper Haircut.


This hairstyle makes use of some strategically placed blonde highlights that adds spice to the entire look. Combing your manes upward with a shaved side part divides the section with varying lengths and textures. This gives you a statement hairstyle that you can upgrade only by facial haircut with some precision contours.


  • High Taper with Design.


If you decided to include some shaved designs in your haircut, it is advised to opt for a medium or high fade rather than a low taper fade. You can choose, for instance, some curved lines that will be paired with the lines of your facial haircut.

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  • Side Part Taper Haircut.


A taper fade hairstyle is a gorgeous men’s haircut for many reasons. However, one of the reasons that make it quite preferred is that it allows you to style your hair in different ways. Accentuated in a beautiful side part, this stylish taper is an excellent combination of conservative and edgy.


  • Extended Top With A Side Part.


Who said that you should buzz your hair to the skin to be categorised as a fade? You can opt to maintain it extended on the top and create a comb-over style, closely clipped sides, and include facial hair linked to your haircut through sideburns. It is a great way to rock such a look, but there are also other ways you can wear your long fade.


  • Fading Into a Chic Style.


When you browse through the internet, you will see many images with fades, featuring designs that incorporate a unique vibe of creativity to the entire look. However, when it comes to this hairstyle, it is all about an etched line into the hair on the temple. The style uses a texturizing product to enhance volume at the top section and further highlight the entire style.


  • Long Hairstyle and Beard.


When you search for the pictures of taper fade hairstyles, you are more likely to get images for short haircuts. But should this always be the case? No, and this long haircut with beard proves that. You can still rock the look of fade with long locks. Allow your hair on top to grow out, and then buzz the back and the sides and pair your cut with a long beard.


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