Posted on August 29, 2019 at 11:18 pm

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How To Stay Looking Cool and Fresh In Summer

As glorious as summer is, the hot weather can wreak havoc on your fresh and cool look. Although you might leave the house looking put together and neat and tidy, the reality of going out into the hot sun means you can be left looking flustered after only what seems like a few minutes. You’ll be pleased to hear that there are some ways around this issue, and you’ll have to dedicate some time to changing your skin and makeup routine, adjusting the time you work out, your diet, and being smart.

Learn how to maintain your organized and fresh look this summer by following the tips and tricks laid out over the course of this helpful guide.

Choose Your Workout Time Wisely

Find out when the hottest parts of the day are, and try to avoid going out in the direct sunlight during these times. If you must go out, then wear a thin cap to cover the top of your head, drink plenty of water throughout the day, don’t be shy about the prospect of taking a parasol with you, and try to shower immediately afterward.

Complete your workout before the midday sun is at its hottest, so consider waking early to go on your run or attend the gym. Similarly, choose to exercise in the evening so that you’re able to come straight home to wash and look presentable afterward. Opt for breathable gym wear from that’s going to keep you cool, support you, and also help you to look fashionable.

Photo by takahiro taguchi on Unsplash
Photo by takahiro taguchi on Unsplash

Stay Hydrated

Naturally, your body sweats when it’s hot, and when you’re dehydrated, your skin will look tired, dry, and dull. What’s more, when you are dehydrated, you will feel exhausted, irritable, and less able to think logically. Stay hydrated from morning until night by regularly drinking fluids, and ensure that you never get to the point of being really thirsty.

Avoid Oily Skin 

Having your freshly applied makeup begin to grease and shine on your face is a look most people try to avoid. The dewy look is all very well and good, but when temperatures exceed an average high, the oils in your make up tend to run and spoil.

Your best option in this situation is to first, pay closer attention to your skincare routine and figure out if you’re adding too much moisture to your face in the form of night-time creams that can clog your pores. Second, choose another foundation and concealer if the one you’re currently relying on is oily, and exacerbating the problem. Look online to find products that use natural ingredients, are oil-free, and are matte.

Pay Attention To Your Diet 

Some foods can make you feel sluggish and unmotivated, and once you’re feeling like this, then it’ll be tough to try and exercise early in the morning, to drink enough water, and pay close attention to your skincare routine. A poor diet can result in skin flareups, spots, general dullness, and feelings of malaise. Ensure that you’re getting enough fiber in your diet, as well as plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid trans fats and fast food, and instead of for snacks like nuts and seeds, oatcakes, hummus, and again, fresh fruit and vegetables.


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