Posted on May 15, 2019 at 2:52 pm

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Lilly Singh a.k.a IISUPERWOMANII Goes Bare Skin for Vogue

Lilly Singh a.k.a IISUPERWOMANII Goes Bare Skin for Vogue

Lilly Singh Goes Bare Skin for Vogue. Indian-Canadian YouTuber, Lilly Singh known for her vivacious personality. Just took her fearless spirit to a whole new level, unveiling her make-up free look on India’s most glamorous magazine, Vogue. Looks like this beauty really knows how to own her natural self. Even confidently walked the ramp at New York Fashion Week last year.

Above all, though her bold persona can often been misunderstood, she also never lets it deter her spirit. Inspiring young Indian women all over the country to be fearlessly gorgeous,

Lilly Singh said,

“Whether I’m in a meeting or performing, I have to exude confidence. Usually this leads to judgements about me being ‘too outspoken’. I have to remind myself not to worry about what others think. Olay’s mission to inspire woman to #FaceAnything resonates with mine, which is to trust your voice and listen to yourself first.”

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Furthermore, as a Crown The Brown representative, seems like we can surely count on Lilly to bring the representation to the industry! We are so proud of our very own Superwoman! The start of something amazing!

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