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3 Most Talented Indian Writers of 21st Century

3 Most Talented Indian Writers of 21st Century

It is evident by now that you know the benefits of reading books. Amidst all the countries, India ranks among the wealthiest countries in literature and arts. However, owing to the plethora of authors in India, choosing the author whose work you ought to read could be impossible.


To make things easier for you, here is a list of three famous Indian writers of the 21st century. As you enjoy their work, however, ensure that you don’t miss deadlines for your assignments or even succumb to research papers. For this, get assistance from writing my papers to be at par with your work as you enjoy the authorship from these talented Indian writers

Padma Lakshmi

Among the best Indian writers in the 21st century, Padma Lakshmi ranks top on the list. Currently, she is a seasoned author and executive producer with work that has reached the top of many reviews. Majoring on culinary delights and traditional dishes, Padma has earned countless accolades and ranks as a food expert.

After publishing her debut cookbook easy exotic which earned her a Gourmand World cooking award she earned a spot as a host of a cooking program thus becoming an infamous TV host. Later on, she won her spurs with the book,” Love, loss and what we ate.” Which made a significant impact in the market.

Among her best work is the book she authored in October 2016, titled’ “encyclopedia of spices and herbs” which majors on exotic dishes.

Chetan Bhagat

Among the most seasoned Indian writers of the 21st century is Chetan Bhagat. The success of the author of comedy-drama novels based on young urban middle life class dates back to as early as 2008.

Among his bestselling dramedies include; Kai Po Che, five point someone, two states, one Indian girl and half girlfriend which all ranked top of the list in many reviews. A testament to his success, he has won countless some accolades including the Film fare award for best screenplay.

Aside from his comedy intrigues, Chetan doubles as a motivational speaker and columnist for career development. Also, the author is well versed with romantic and fiction genres and ranks among the best Indian writers in the field.

Priya AS

Also, an Indian writer who has earned a spot among the famous Indian writers in the 21st century is Priya AS. This decent of Kerala India is best known Malayam writing that entails short stories, literature for kids and memoirs.

Like the latter, Priya has been fitted with unending accolades including the S.B.I award. Additionally, she engages in the translation of work to Malayam, therefore, ensuring that Indian descent can enjoy great authored work free of the language barrier.

To acquire the best writing skills, it is best that you read numerous novels and literature material. Given the praises of the writers as mentioned above from India have acquired, it is only necessary to engage them. Also, if you are looking for help with classwork inclusive but not limited to literature, ensure that you consult professionals for assignment help thus earning your spot among the top students.

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