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Key Points You Should Know about Microsoft 70-487 Exam to Shine with Knowledge

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Key Points You Should Know about Microsoft 70-487 Exam to Shine with Knowledge

Before we proceed, it is very important to understand that there is no ‘silver bullet’ or ‘magic wand’ that will enable you to achieve 100% marks by studying for one night only. The 70-487 exam is very tough and challenging and requires hard work, determination, focus, and maximum effort. You won’t find any braindumps here, so if that’s what you came for and you are too lazy to work hard for achieving your aims, then you should leave. If you are still reading, then you have begun your way to pass Microsoft MCSA 70-487 Exam Dumps . This article is the ultimate guide that will give you a great overview of the exam and its content. It is going to show you how to study and what resources to use in order to pass this certification test. Let’s discuss.

The most important thing you should do before starting your study or preparation for the exam is to look into the exam objectives. It is very important to follow the syllabus because it tells you the topics you will be assessed. You don’t have to waste your time learning the material that is not relevant. It is important that you look at the skills areas mentioned at the Microsoft official 70-487 exam page. They include:

  • Accessing Data (20-25%)
  • Manipulating Data by Utilizing the Entity Framework (20-25%)
  • Consuming and Designing Web API-based Services (20-25%)
  • Designing and Implementing Web Services (15-20%)
  • Deploying Services and Web Apps(15-20%)

If you have 3-5 years of experience in web development and are well-aware of ASP.NET MVC using NET Core and Visual Studio 2017, then you should take this certification exam.




Exam details

Question structure

The questions are usually multiple choice, drag and drop, and case studies. The case studies are based on projects, which test your logical skills and ability to solve them. If you have done projects in a real life, then case studies questions aren’t a big deal. Some of the questions also involve decoding code samples and adding codes.


The questions are based on the objectives mentioned at the Microsoft 70-487 official page. They test your knowledge of WCF, Visual Studio tools, and IIS deployments. It is also a good idea to know the development and 4. PrepAway FTP, HTTP, as well as web deploy. Some of the questions check the understanding of the querying using LINQ and institutional framework.

The exam is offered in English, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil) and costs about $165.

Preparation options


  • Books


Studying from the relevant books is a must. Don’t rely on just one good book because the field of developing Windows Azure is so vast that one tutorial can’t possibly contain all the information. Take help from multiple authentic books, such as Exam Ref 70-487 Developing Windows Azure and Web Services. It is informative, helpful, and interesting. Each of the skills measured in the exam is covered in this book in detail, and it also contains practice tests. You should also work on your entity framework because it has been mentioned in the exam objectives, and you can do so with the help of Programming Entity Framework. It is one of the most helpful entity framework guides that will help you become a top entity framework developer.

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA)

It is highly recommended that you take all the courses and training videos offered by Microsoft at the Microsoft Virtual Academy website. They are free and very helpful. You should start with the Windows Azure Web Sites – Deep Dive Jump Start video series.

  • Pluralsight training videos

Pluralsight offers training courses and other materials for the developers and IT experts at all stages in all levels of their careers. However, it is not for free, and you have to get a subscription, which starts at $29 per month. You should watch the video by Brian Noyes: WCF Jump Start; by Chad McCallum:10 Ways to Build Web Services in .NET, and by Shawn Wildermuth: Implementing an API in ASP.NET Web API. These will help you prepare for your certification exam.


Surprisingly, we would advise not to spend too much time learning about Microsoft Azure. There is no doubt that this exam is about Microsoft Azure, but the questions that come regarding this field are simple and straightforward. They aren’t so tricky, which means you can easily reach the answer if you have some basic understanding and practice. You should dedicate more time to WCF. Make sure your concepts are 100% correct. Start your preparation beforehand and make sure you have ample time. It is highly recommended to do lots of practice tests because they help you identify your weak and strong areas. Thus, you can see what you should focus on and go through again. In addition to this, they also give you real-life experience of the actual exam.

If you start with a good study outline with all the important aspects in place, such as learning courses, doing practice tests, and covering all exam objectives, it won’t be difficult for you to pass the Microsoft 70-487 exam. Just work hard and search for studying materials that best suit you. Don’t rely on cheating because in this case, you will be caught and banned from taking the test for your entire life. You can pass it without such risks. Be confident. Best of luck!

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