Posted on February 21, 2019 at 11:04 pm

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Fawad Khan’s Picture Puts an End to the Vaccination Controversy

Fawad Khan’s Picture Puts an End to the Vaccination Controversy

Twitter was ablaze yesterday with the news of Pakistan’s most popular male actor Fawad Khan’s misbehavior with Polio Vaccination staff while many other news reports surfaced claiming that the actor was booked for noncooperation in getting his 2 years old child vaccinated. 

Some twitter slacktivists quickly started a social media commentary on how the star is against a national drive to eradicate polio and his family should have cooperated. 

In a rather interesting turn of events, the whole controversy became a joke when Fawad Khan’s pic with the same date’s newspaper, taken thousands of miles away from home, made rounds on social media. Not only was the actor abroad but also his wife and kids were not present at home.

Moreover, an official statement released yesterday evening by the actor’s team put the entire controversy to rest. 

“It has been widely reported that an FIR has been registered against Mr. Fawad Khan stating that he on the 19th of February interfered with Governmental efforts to vaccinate his daughter at his residence. Nothing could be further from the truth as neither of the parents was home at the time of the visit by the Anti Polio Team. Fawad Khan has been outside Pakistan since the 13th of February where he performed at the PSL opening ceremony in Dubai and is presently in the United States. His travel history clearly demonstrates the manufactured nature of the FIR and he has just come to know of the FIR through the press.

Fawad Khan fully supports the anti-polio drive and is very well aware of the guidelines of W.H.O and CDC. The vaccination of Fawad’s daughter is up to date and the record is there to support the same is available.”

 However, the ruckus fostered by inaccurate news reporting hasn’t gone down well with the actor whose team shared not only a completed vaccination chart of the 2-year-old but also conveyed that

“Fawad reserves the right for appropriate legal redress including all such remedies against any damages caused by this event, should the FIR not be canceled.”

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