Posted on July 20, 2018 at 1:04 am

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Shine in your Design Career with the Academy of Art University

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Shine in your Design Career with the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University is present since1929. The pioneer of the institution was Richard S. Stephens. The main aim of starting the university was to empower individuals with the right skills to succeed in their design and art careers. He was concerned about the fact that the number of qualified designers and artists was very low despite the many opportunities available. He pointed out that there was a need to change the industry and allow more learners to gain knowledge. The institution has revolutionized the industry through innovation. On the Contrary, students enjoy modern facilities in their learning and their co-curricular activities. Over the years, the university has increased the number of courses available for the students.

The Academy of Art University aims at transforming the graduates into all-rounded individuals. Many of them work for multinational companies such as Nike and Apple. The management of the institution led by President Dr. Elisa Stephens and the Emeritus Richard A. Stephens has played a major role. For Instance, ensuring that the institution adheres to the current industry standards and meeting the ever-changing customer needs. The number of students enrolling at the Academy of Art University has increased over the years and currently exceeds 18,000. The institution, known as the largest in the United States in terms of the number of students and the courses offers. It holds the accreditation by the relevant regulatory authorities.

The Academy of Art University is always committed to transforming the arts industry.

Some of the courses offered include web design, architecture, and fashion. The institution is based in California. Making partnerships with other firms in the technology is always a priority as the learners gain the practical skills necessary in the job market. Some of the students have come up with technological solutions to some of the problems in our society.

Tenderloin District in San Francisco is seen as an unfavorable residential and commercial area for security reasons. The number of residents is considerably high. Hence, unemployment is a significant number among young people in this area. According to statistics, many residents in the area are unable to meet their basic needs. The region has been under development since the outbreak of fire that occurred in 1906. The district attracts low-income earners due to the affordable facilities available. Some investors have identified the area as a good investment destination.

The students from the Academy of Art University have played a key role in improving the standards of living in the area by using their talents. To have a bigger impact on the area, some students partnered with a religious institution. To provide better solutions to the challenges that the residents faced. The learners gain skills that can help in competing with students from prestigious institutions such as Stanford University and Penn State University. A group of students came up with an application that could help the residents. To express their emotions on the conditions that they were exposed to in the area. With that information, the relevant bodies can come up with solutions that are in line with the needs of the residents.

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