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Colleges With the Highest Percentage of Asian Students

Choosing a university to apply to is a challenging task for every high school graduate. While first-year students are trying to get into the routine, and the seniors are anxiously looking for college essay writing services, future students are exploring what various educational establishments offer. The conditions they are going to study and live in are vital both for academic success and wellbeing. Therefore, it’s essential to get to know about the facilities on campus, additional courses, and workshops, student body, and politics. We prepared a list of five universities in the USA with the highest percentage of Asian students. We tried to highlight the main characteristic features of these educational institutions.

California Institute of Technology — 39.9%

Colleges With the Highest Percentage of Asian Students
California Institute of Technology


The California Institute of Technology is a private university in California that has been renowned for its scientific achievements by teachers and graduates. Caltech graduates researchers in the basic fields of science and trains scientific personnel. There are eighteen Nobel Prize winners among its alumni.

California Institute of Technology was founded in the late XIX century as a technical school, later called Throop University: its founder, Amos Throop, provided the university with a building where 30 students started studying. At the beginning of the XX century, the development of the university was carried out by the famous scientist George Hale. Participation in military developments provides funds for the construction of scientific laboratories. Hale invites world-famous scientists, such as chemist Arthur Noyes, physicist Robert Millikan. The latter, the Nobel Prize winner, made his contribution not only to science but also to the education of scientific personnel. During his leadership, Caltech was called the “Millikan Institute”. They worked here: Einstein, Feynman, Gell-Mann.

Studying in Caltech requires a great deal of effort and will. Students say: if you want to study and do community service — forget about sleep. That is why the Institute has taken measures to help students: in the first year, they do not assign differentiated grades; there are only credits. Figuratively, these grades are assigned and reported to freshmen so that they know about the problems and their weaknesses.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa — 39.6%

Colleges With the Highest Percentage of Asian Students
The University of Hawaii at Manoa



The University of Hawaii at Manoa is considered to be one of the best universities in the USA in terms of quality of education. Due to its location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the University has numerous international partnerships. The institution is the leading educational institution of Hawaii and is actively funded by the government. The university is currently ranked 64th on the list of the best universities in the U.S., and 234th among the world universities. The university has a high global position in the following scientific fields: oceanography, marine science, geophysics, epidemiology.

The University of Hawaii has only ten campuses, all located on different islands. The main campus of the institution is close to the center of Honolulu. The university owns a large student library containing a large number of rare books and works. Foreign citizens are offered a comfortable dormitory, which costs 1329-2102 dollars per month. There are also sports and cultural centers on the campus.

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San Diego State University — 37.6%


Colleges With the Highest Percentage of Asian Students
San Diego State University


This state educational institution was founded in 1897 as a regular school. Later, in 1974, it was granted the status of a higher education establishment. Today, the University of San Diego is considered to be the most important research center. The institution has a high quality of teaching. This is due to the high standard of the teaching staff. Most of the teachers are foreign experts. The University provides more than $2.4 billion per year to support San Diego’s economy. Most graduates stay there after graduation and create a strong workforce. Employers of prestigious companies have a high interest in graduates. The main campus of San Diego State University is located in the picturesque city of San Diego. The campus includes a large number of outstanding buildings and structures such as Scripps Cottage, Hardy Memorial Tower, CalCoast Credit Union Open Air. The university pays special attention to sports. Modern sports facilities, equipment, and playgrounds provide students with opportunities for professional sports activities. There are various student teams, which have repeatedly taken prize-winning places at international competitions on the basis of the university.

University of the Pacific – 36.9%

Colleges With the Highest Percentage of Asian Students
University of the Pacific



The University of the Pacific is a prestigious private university located in Stockton, California, near San Francisco. Its history dates back to 1851. It is the first independent college in California, with the first music conservatory and the oldest medical school on the West Coast.

The bachelor’s degree provides an excellent opportunity to obtain a prestigious education in a variety of fields. The education lasts four years, almost 98% of university students are employed or continue their studies in the first six months after graduation.

The university has special centers for supporting international students and programs for developing career skills. Much attention is paid to sports education and creative development of students, which contributes to comprehensive personal development. Employees and students of the university participate in scientific research and development. Their contribution to the development and promotion of modern science is excellent. The university has three excellent campuses — in Stockton (main campus), Sacramento, and San Francisco, where everything you need for a comfortable life and study. The warm, mild coastal climate is perfect for anyone, and the abundance of natural and human-made monuments and attractions gives students unforgettable impressions.

The University of Texas at Dallas — 32.7%

Colleges With the Highest Percentage of Asian Students
The University of Texas at Dallas


The University of Texas at Dallas is an innovative international institution with a specialization in engineering and the biomedical sciences and claims to be the National Research University of the first level. The university provides some of the most popular science and technology programs. It has already gained wide popularity with a wide range of educational opportunities, from criminology to biomedical engineering and modern technologies.

Prominent professors and graduates of the University include Nobel Prize winners, members of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. The University of Texas at Dallas attracts the most successful professionals in science, mathematics, and engineering and can boast of one of the best business schools in the state.

The University of Texas at Dallas undertakes research projects in space science, bioengineering, cybersecurity, nanotechnology, and behavioral sciences.

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