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Brooklyn Brand Miranda Watson’s Highlight From Vancouver Fashion Week

Brooklyn Brand Miranda Watson’s Highlight From Vancouver Fashion Week

Brooklyn Brand Miranda Watson’s Highlight From Vancouver Fashion Week. MIRANDA WATSON is a Brooklyn-based womenswear brand. we are young designers who are inspired by, and design for, the independent modern woman who seeks a signature look. our brand employs upscale and unique approaches to the design of pockets and other functional aspects of clothing. all of our highly wearable garments contribute to sustainable fashion through the use of eco-friendly and recycled fabrics whenever possible. we represent clean, minimal design with purposeful details, resulting in beautiful pieces for the everyday woman.

Tell us little bit about yourself.
My name is Miranda Watson, founder and CEO of my contemporary womenswear brand, MIRANDA WATSON. I was raised in New York City, New York by two artist parents. I attended Syracuse University and graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I moved to Brooklyn three years ago and have been building my business ever since. I established my company, MIRANDA WATSON LLC in December 2017.

What is the idea behind your fashion line?
MIRANDA WATSON is a Brooklyn-based womenswear brand founded by Miranda Watson. We are focused on producing modern clothing for today’s woman, made from recycled, repurposed and sustainable textiles. We are proud to pay fair wages for quality handmade garments in return. Established in 2016, MIRANDA WATSON emerged after identifying the demand for functionality in contemporary womenswear.

What part of the globe can be ventured for new fashion besides Paris and New York?
I’ve always admired Japanese design because of the innovation and style. One of my favorite designers is Issey Miyake because he thinks outside the box and is a true innovator and genius in his craft. I also think some of the most interesting design comes out of Belgium, such as Ann Demeulemeester and Dries Van Noten.

Do you think the past cultural traits or forms can be incorporated in new designs?
Yes, I think as designers it is important for us to look at past design, from all cultures to understand the forms and functions and their social and cultural significance. Only then do we have the knowledge to re-create and re-envision modern design.

Are there any particular cultural or ethnical traits you follow for your designs?
Yes, as an eco-conscious brand, we look to past trends for inspiration such as zero waste and circular design. Specifically, the Kilt, the Sari and the Kimono were some of the earliest examples of zero waste by using all available fabric and made into functional shapes through construction and draping. We are always looking for new ways to be sustainable, so seeing these examples from history is very inspirational.

With huge names in the fashion industry bandwagon, do you find or think that new names find it tough to create their niche?
I think it’s all about market research and understanding what your customer needs. I found my niche with other eco-conscious designers, especially in Brooklyn where I live. It has been important to focus on my niche and not try to compete with huge brands that have larger teams and more resources.

How was your experience in Vancouver Fashion Week?
Vancouver Fashion Week was a fantastic experience. I met a lot of interesting designers and media representatives. Being from New York, I loved that I could introduce my brand into a new market.

The #metoo movement has been a huge part of every red carpet event recently. Do you think it was missed during this particular event?
It is a very important movement and it could have been addressed during this event. It is a movement that is getting a lot of attention so I believe there will be many more opportunities to address the issue in upcoming events.

Do you think fashion industry is diverse or do they need to explore more cultures?
I think the fashion industry could be a lot more diverse, at every level. My brand makes a conscious effort to be diverse, including the models we use and people we employ. Our company has proven that when you hire the best people for a given job, it will be a diverse team.

What is your next venture after Vancouver Fashion week?
I am doing a Pop Up Shop event with RAW New York City presents MAGNIFY at (Le) Poisson Rouge 158 Bleecker Street New York NY 10012. It is April 24th 2018 at 7:00 pm.

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